Waynesboro to Roanoke, Thursday, 30 August 2012, Day 87

Blue Ridge Parkway Waterfall

Today I start the infamous Blue Ridge Parkway ride I had decided I needed a sleep in and today was going to be a short day in the saddle. I sort of slept then I decided to get up and fettle with the bike as it was about time I adjusted the chain as it was getting a bit sloppy and as I am being forced to go at quite slow speeds for the next couple of days the chain needed adjusting. This took a while as the person who had tightened the bolt the last time this was done must have been a gorilla I was practically jumping up and down on the spanner with all my weight and the thing still would not loosen. Finally loosened the nut and adjusted the chain well I think it’s adjusted I never know how tight or how loose to do the chain so probably did not change it that much I am quite inept at these sort of things. Talking of inept and gorillas well you never guess what I found whilst fettling on bike. Remember a couple of weeks ago I noticed a bolt missing that held on the petrol tank and was not sure if it had worked itself loose or was just forgotten to be put back after the last service well the answer was it was omitted to be put back after the last service as I found it in the tray under the seat. Bad Show Aurora Motorcycles Seattle I take back some of the praises I gave you a month ago.

Blue Ridge Parkway VA



After sorting the bike out I took a shower as it was already hot and then hit the road at about 11am stopping at Subway for some breakfast before hitting the Blue Ridge Parkway. Nice day in the saddle very pretty and picturesque cooler up in the mountains than in the valleys heading for a place called Roanoke which is the one of the more populated areas around the parkway and I have a voucher for a motel there. Got there about 4pm ish and boy was it hot down out of the hills I checked in but could not be bothered to do much eventually I decided to head in town on the bike and I regretted this as soon as I started it was 7pm and it was still above 30 degrees centigrade to hot to do anything comfortably so change of plan supermarket for me dinner and back to the motel to veg in an ac room. Sounds easy but the GPS started playing up and I had no idea where I was or where there was a supermarket and god it was so damned hot.

Finally found a supermarket and on my way back to the motel I went and then I locked myself in the room with me dinner and I did not reappear till the following day spent all evening watching the goggle box which was a nice change as that was all I could be bothered to do that evening.


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