Washington DC to Waynesboro, Wednesday, 29 August 2012, Day 86

Hot tired and Happy

Wow I think I have caught up with my blog I thought it would never happen. I got up and went round the corner to where I had parked the bike I had been ignoring it all yesterday as I did not want to know if I had a parking ticket as I had left it in a 2 hour parking place and that was about 36 hours ago so that is a tad over 2 hours. No ticket 🙂 packed my bike and set of in the direction of the Skyline Drive in Virginia.

Still hot in a funny mood must be the heat but I had a ruck in Safeway’s where I went for my breakfast after waiting for about 10 minutes for someone to actually appear behind the counter after having to find someone to page someone else to serve me. I would like a breakfast sandwich please?  We do not do sandwiches was the response. I look up at huge sign advertising all sorts of sandwiches so I point at that no they do have the facility to make sandwich yet there are huge signs saying sandwiches and if not ready in 3 minutes you get them for free. So I am pissed of as I want me breakfast and I have being hanging around like a prick for while so I have a Philly rant about signs saying one thing and not being able to live up to what’s on the sign and insisting they take the sign down and generally cussing everybody and everything. (Same thing happened tonight at the motel walked in for a room how much $X I have a voucher for $Y about 20 bucks between X and Y okay you can have it $Y prices plus tax plus other sundries!!!. Why can’t they just be honest upfront and quit all the lies and the false advertising bullshit it is really starting to piss me off the lies and the bollock and the false claims. Rant over!

Skyline Drive Virginia

After I got out of the city and managed to get a coffee and sandwich at a Subway’s , the rest of the day was again hot but lovely ride on the Skyline Drive through the Shenandoah National Park. I called in at the tourist info place at Front Royal and a really helpful chap there gave me maps for the next 3 states I am passing through info on todays ride and more info about the Blue Ridge Parkway which is my plan for the next coming days plus a discount coupon book for hotels in Virginia. So loads of paperwork but all useful so thank you mate your great service just cancelled out the earlier rant and has wetted my appetite for the coming days.

The other weird thing about today is that on the Skyline drive the speed limit is only 35mph which very hard to stick to seeing as the roads are empty and good and this speed is just to slow to keep in top gear especially on inclines so who would thought it is actually harder to go slow than at a normal pace. Tomorrow the speed limit is 45mph so a bit faster but I will not be getting anywhere in a hurry so a nice enforced change of pace so lets see how that works out.

I think I am now up to date with this probably a load of tosh and probably missed out loads like the great little curry I had in Washington DC at Union Station Food Court, Chatting to a Sri-lanken Olympic female speed walker, the amount of dead wildlife on the roads in US I miss the live wildlife I saw in Canada, I have seen some wildlife such as dear and some other furry animals that I have no idea what it is, Trying to see as much as possible in the Smithsonian in an hour before they close, 15 minute glimpse inside of the Rotunda at the United States Capitol, Chatting to the Park Ranger at the Korean War Memorial and getting a private tour and description of the design and layout of the place and so much more. Life on the road is hot and tiring but as yet never boring I am still having a blast


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