Washington DC, Tuesday, 28 August 2012, Day 85

Washington DC

My poor little legs I have walked for miles today. I left the hostel at 9am and I got back at 9pm so that is 12 hours and I have been on my feet walking all day I think I did about 20 odd km. But it was worth it and I did see all the sights in Washington

  • White House

  • Vietnam Memorial

  • Lincoln Memorial

  • Korea Memorial

  • WW2 Memorial

  • Martin Luther King Memorial

  • Roosevelt Memorial

  • Jefferson Memorial

  • Capitol Hill

  • Union Station
  • Smithsonian Space and Aircraft Museum

And loads more. Very reflective day probably due to the recurring theme in the above list that being Memorial.  It was also another scorcher so my poor little nose got burnt yet again. The many Memorials I saw where all different and all fascinating in their own right and what struck me where the number of dead and as it was stated on a few of the monuments that is the price of freedom. At the Lincoln memorial there where school children who were allowed to stand where Martin Luther King had stood and did I have a dream speech and they were given a couple of minutes each to do  their own hopes and dreams speach. The ones that appealed to me most where not of Peace and to stop world hunger and curing cancer of which there where loads but the simple one like be a nicer person or make lots of friends or have a good school year or get better at math’s as that what kids should be thinking about having fun and leaving the biggies for us grown ups to try to figure out.

Pretty damned good day I liked Washington and I even had ambitions after I got back to the hostel to go again and see the sights when lit up at night but like all my over ambitious plans scuppered by the fact that I am only human and there is only so much I can do it one day so once in I did not go out again but I got chatting to folks at the hostel and again still have not worked on updating this blog so I am really behind now.


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