Lock Haven to Washington DC, Monday, 27 August 2012, Day 84

Maryland Bridge

Its was dry the next morning and hot but my bike gear was still soaking wet so the best way to dry this was to wear it and as it was more than 30 degrees centigrade and it was dry in no time. Today I decided to head straight to Washington DC no detours (well no really big ones) nice ride scenery pleasant lots of small towns with nice houses with porches. I do like houses with porches no idea why but like the idea of sitting in a comfortable chair on porch watching the world go by this to me is very appealing.

Did not see any!



Country turned to stop start city driving but surprisingly unlike other American cities Washington DC has no skyscrapers and very little high-rises seemingly they did not want it to be like Chicago and New York so they had rules around the height and they wanted to keep that the country feel and vistas which if you are around the Mall area of Washington I think they have succeeded.

I found the place I was staying no problem as I had booked something the night before as it can be difficult to find cheap digs on the fly in large city. Usual problem in big cities that being parking. They had parking at the hostel but they want too much and as usual and all I want is a small space, which they had, loads not a full parking place but it all about the money. So I parked it on the street where there was 2 hour parking limit whatever that meant usual non understandable signs not for parking. Later I tried to Google and find out about Parking for Motorcycle in DC I found a few addresses which I checked out but no parking in the evening as it was now being used for valet parking and or parking meters for motorcycle that needed topping up every 4 hours so I gave up and decided to risk getting a ticket. Why are these towns so Motorcycle unfriendly they expect a bike to pay the same as a car when they take up hardly any room and if encouraged would solve a lot of the traffic congestion issues. Loads of space to loose bikes but not allowed dumb dumb and dumber me thinks.


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