Niagara Falls, Saturday, 25 August 2012, Day 82

Niagara Falls

I had my free breakfast and I headed down to the falls and they are a bit more impressive in daylight also as it was Saturday and it was very busy. The plan was just to wonder around soak up the atmosphere of the falls (More an atmospheres of tourism rather than of nature which was a shame:-( ) I was going to do one token gesture to tourism and take the Maid in the Mist tour when in a moment of madness I brought an adventure ticket that included the Maid of the Mist tour plus Journey behind the falls, Niagara’s Fury, and White water walk. This ticket gave you free use of the buses around the area, which was the clinch as I did not fancy walking too much today (As usual I walked for miles again)

So first attraction was Niagara’s Fury described as;

Experience the Creation of Niagara falls in 4-D! The temperature will drop 20 degrees. Water will bubble and spray while snow falls all around. Standing in the mist on a massive platform you will feel the full wrath of Mother Nature as the floor tilts and trembles beneath you. You’ll never look at the Falls the same way again.

What a load of bollocks I stood on a platform and a bloke chucked a bucket of water at you, well that is what it felt like very disappointing.

Next tourist bit

Journey Behind the Falls

The sound is like thunder; the sight is awe-inspiring! Take a journey deep below and behind the heart of Niagara, and stand in the mist where the mighty Horseshoe Falls tumbles from 13 storeys above! At Journey Behind the Falls, you’ll experience the awesome spectacle of one-fifth of the world’s fresh water crashing down to the basin below. During summer daylight hours, over 2,800 cubic meters of water thunders over the brink every second, traveling 65 kilometers per hour

Bollocks again not as bad as the first event but I took an elevator to a tunnel which had to small holes which 2 to 3 people max could stand and all you see is a wall of water could be anywhere. Saving grace of this tour was you where allowed outside quite close to the falls so here you could get an impression of the power and the magnitude of the falls up until now I was pretty nonplussed about the falls but this bit changed that view so now I was impressed and also wet 🙂

I had to queue for ages on the Maid of the Mist tour but this was also quite enjoyable also giving you a feel of the power and the magnitude of the falls unfortunately long wait and you had to share this experience with thousands of other tourists not my cup of tea at all but if you ignored them a great little boat ride.

The final excursion was also a bit of a disappointment a elevator ride down to the river and a short walk alongside it. Class 6 rapids seemingly and you could see and feel the force of the river but I would not have bothered if this was not part of the package.

So that is all me tourist bits done the plan now was to find a supermarket and get something for my tea and then I headed back to the hostel with big ambitions to do the American side of the falls after tea. I only managed the first part and once back at the hostel I was too knackered to go out again made my tea (nuked a shepherds pie) and tried to get this up to date which I also failed miserably on as to many people around and I was busy chatting to them.

Comment on Niagara Falls Canada. This was very un Canadian which was strange seeing as I was in Canada they can do these thing very well but for some reason they have decided to go the American mass tourism route someone described this as Las Vegas puked up onto Canada. Do not get me wrong I get mass tourism and even like it some of it a perverse kind of way and I like the way the Americans do some of the big brash theme towns and parks but this is Canada and I would have preferred there own stuff and style rather than trying to mimic there neighbours and in my view failing. Did I like it I am not sure did I enjoy myself yes I did.


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