Flint to Niagara Falls, Friday, 24 August 2012, Day 81

Niagara Falls at night

It looks like my forgetfulness is getting worse. I packed the bike checked the room to see if I not had left everything then went to hand in my key when I realised I had forgotten my helmet even after checking the room missed that key bit of kit! So my rituals to ensure I have everything are no longer working note to me I must focus more or I am going to lose something important. I blame the heat my poor little brain is frazzled. Now you are going to think I am a seriously sad git when I tell you the following. I had heard that there are Tim Horton’s in the North East of the US so last night I had Googled it to find the nearest one and joy of joys there was one just down the road so had my first destination already sorted now the sad thing is not only did I have breakfast at Tim Horton’s I had afternoon tea and later a late supper there as well so that is 3 times in one day so new record had been set. In my defence I have not been there since I left Canada nearly a month ago but even I have to admit this is quite a sad little addiction I have developed but I guess there are worse things to be addicted to. After breakfast and my joyful reunion with Tim (It was not as good as I remember it to be  yet I still went back twice that day!!) I hit the road as I had not done as many mile yesterday as I wanted well I did but not all of them in the right direction so still had quite a tough day in the saddle today adding on my little diversion as I either got lost or todays case in search of a petrol stations. Still hot in the thirties centigrade still but other than the heat another nice days riding again not many photos taken or stops for photos as it is quite pretty and nice country side but not very photogenic or may be I have been spoilt rotten by gorgeous scenery over the last months or I over did it on the photo front in Chicago but I was struggling to find things to that I thought would make a good photos so grand total of 3 compared to about 100 I took in Chicago and 100 I took in Niagara Falls. That’s does not mean it is not nice just not that photogenic with my mediocre camera skills. Highlight today other than nearly running out of petrol and been unable to find a petrol station when I needed one was that a bee stung me! Riding along in sort of rush hour traffic because it is so hot I have my jacket partly loose and my sleeves are also opens allowing air to flow though keeping me sort of cool. Today a felt something go up my sleeve and was buzzing around my arm. Instead of just relaxing and letting it find its way out I panicked and pulled of the road ASAP into some kind of parking lot and started flapping my arms trying to get whatever it was out. Well you guessed it was bee and did not like my flapping so it stung me. Ouch but I guess it was my own fault.

Got to Niagara Falls at 7pm first hostel I tried was full but I knew of another one around the corner which had a space. The plan was to try to get this up to date and then go to the falls tomorrow but the strange little old French chap Charlie running the hostel mentioned that tonight there will be a fire work display over the falls tonight so a change of plans grabbed a late dinner at you know where and walked down to the fall. It was getting dark and to be honest as I was not to impressed with what I saw but my view on this changed later.

Niagara Falls inhabitants

Fireworks where good this time looking up at them rather than looking down at them better this way me thinks. I walked back to the hostel tried to do some work on this but the internet was not working I am not sure it ever had a Chinese/Canadian bloke and me tried to get it working well mostly him but we were unsuccessful so I called it a night as is was late a hot night in the dorm tonight.


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