Chicago to Flint, Thursday, 23 August 2012, Day 80

Michigan Road

I am heading towards the Niagara Falls today it is 2 days hard drive so I am planning to get some decent mileage done today to make tomorrow easier. I thought I would be on a scenic road following the lake but for the 1st hour rough old working towns round Chicago and very industrial I saw very little of the lake later in the day turned into corn fields which was pleasant riding if not a tad warm today. Not very photogenic scenery, so a very few pictures taken today but all in all a nice day in the saddle.

Come quitting time I started to look for somewhere to stay but there where very few cheap motels around only the standard mainstream chains so ended up in a motel 6 slightly over my usual budget but I was tired. Tonight for my haute cuisine I decided to try an Arby’s, which was nice change, roast beef sandwiches then back to the motel to chill.

Later that evening as I was doing my expenses I noticed my credit card was missing! PANIC empty wallet not there look all over room not their MORE PANIC where did I have it last Arby’s so I hop on the bike and quickly ride down to Arby’s with all sorts of thing going through my mind on how complicated life is going to be if I have lost me card as I use for everything at the moment. I got to Arby’s but it was shut PANIC luckily they where cleaning up and the drive through part was still operating so I got their attention and what a stroke of luck I had left on the counter when paying and they had put it to one side so a happy reunion with my credit card that was a close call need to take more care I am getting a bit lapsydasickle in me old age I cannot afford the hassle of a major upset of loosing my credit card. PANIC officially over relax.


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