Chicago, Tuesday, 21 August 2012, Day 78

Chicago Art

I got up quite early and had the free breakfast which was surprisingly good and plentiful for a hostel. I have decided to stay an extra day, as after checking the bike it was still there which it was a relief so with that decision made I could now take it easy. Last night I had been doing some timeline planning as I had arranged to meet an old friend of mine Supriya who lives in Nashville and it would be nice to be able to tell her when I maybe turning up on her front doorstep. It sounds quite a simple exercise but there are so many variables so I was only able to come up with a rough estimate of 2 weeks but based on my planning thus far this either very optimistic or very pessimistic and as I have nothing to base the planning on as it is all unknown territory to me. I also need to figure when I will be going back to the NL and that is turning into a logistical nightmare as well. So having made the simple decision of staying here an extra night I set of to get an all day travel card and discover the delights of Chicago. The Plan was to use public transport as much as possible but again this plan was ignored as I spent most of the day walking from one Chicago hotspot to another so I am well knackered but it was very enjoyable but I certainly walked for miles. Tomorrow I will use the public transport more and give me poor little legs a rest




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