Indianapolis to Chicago, Monday, 20 August 2012, Day 77

Chicago Skyline

I woke up quite early which is not surprising as I had gone to bed early but I thought I would get a lie in as well but the Bin men where making a racket clearing up the campsite and it was already starting to get hot in the tent. It was last Friday morning when I had my last shower it was now Monday Morning so you can imagine I looked and smelt awful. Packing the tent did not help this position much but it actually made it a tad worse that I was glad when I finally hit the road I had some coolish wind breeze to around my smelly body. Today destination Chicago which is only 180 miles away so no Freeways for me today. Stopped in Lafayette for breakfast/lunch and I  was getting some funny looks as I said before I looked like shit warmed up. I went into Subways where they tried to serve me cold coffee, well I was not having that so made a bit of a fuss you could see them cringing as this hobo demanded in his perfect English accent that they put his coffee in the microwave as coffee is supposed to be served hot. Got to Chicago and the Hostel at what I thought was about 4pm but it was 3pm as Illinois is an hour early than Indiana all these time zone changes is giving me brain ache. I checked in OK and then I asked about Parking and they said yes no problem that will be an additional 25 bucks a night. No way Jose! I could park on the street a block away and that was free so I went for that option. While I was unloading the bike I walked round the back to check the parking facilities and I saw there was loads of unused space that I could easily put the bike in without taking up any car parking space so I went and had another word and they said yes I can park the bike in these dead space and that would be 10 buck a night. Bugger that talk about being motorcyclist friendly not so my bike is parked on the street a block away I hope my bloody mindless action does not turn round and bite me in the bum and it is there in the morning. It seems quite a nice neighbourhood and it is parked in front of a church. And the sign says no parking tow away zone when there is more than 2 inches of snow so heres hoping that it does not snow tonight.

Posh Hostel and quite expensive as well but I guess I am in Chicago so these are big city prices. First thing I did was get a shower oh god I needed that and I spent the rest of the afternoon doing my washing as I was running out of clean stuff so as yet have not seen much of Chicago except for the drive in where I drove right through the centre and I like the look and feel of this place. After I had done my washing I went to a Supermarket to get some dinner and later I walked to the lakeside where there where some great views of the Chicago skyline. I say lakeside for me this is more like being on the coast as the Lake is huge and you cannot see the other side, which for me is not normal, attributes for a lake. I Wondered round the neighbourhood which is called Fullerton and it is very nice the dilemma I have now is do I stay just tomorrow or 2 days as I am not sure I cannot do Chicago justice in just one day but the clock is also ticking on when I need to be think about going back to the NL and where I need to be to do that efficiently. Luxury problems I know but I still need to make a decision on this. I will decide in the morning, as procrastination is a good friend of mine.

Chicago Night Skyline

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