Rolla to Indianapolis, Friday, 17 August 2012, Day 74

The Brickyard

It rained a lot that evening which was nice as I have been travelling in some seriously hot weather in the high 90s Fahrenheit mid 30s Centigrade for the last week and above the 100s Fahrenheit so that is 40 plus Centigrade so when I got up this morning and it was a balmy 72f or 22c it was a pleasant relief. I had done a lot of miles yesterday however a lot of them in the wrong direction so I still had a lot of miles to do today and to add to that also wanted to stay off the freeway and follow route 66 as much as possible so it is going to be a long day again in the saddle. I said goodbye to Route 66 at St Louis which also looked like an interesting place to stay however I had a date with Valentino, Lorenzo, Casey and Danny and the rest of the MotoGP mob so I pushed on to Indy.

Illinois Toll Bridge

was not walking paid 1 cent!

I got there about 8.30pm I had lost an hour going into Indiana or was it Illinois I do not know anymore I found the campsite which was right next to the track and I set up camp. It has been more than month since I have been under canvas so hopefully all the mossies that I packed last time I camped are all dead if not they are going to be very angry


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