Claremore to Rolla, Thursday, 16 August 2012, Day 73

yet another scrap yard on Route 66!

Another pleasant day at the office but I need to put some serious miles in if I am going to get to Indianapolis for Friday evening as I have decided to treat myself to a weekend of MotoGP.  However Route 66 is showing more of herself than she has in other states and there is even signposts making it a lot easier to follow in Missouri. I cannot say that route 66 is that interesting put today was a pleasant ride hot in the morning but towards the end of the day started to cool which was nice when I say cool still warm but a lot cooler than I have been for a while. As I was just about to call it quits for the day and start looking for a Motel for the night. I loose the signs for Route 66 but I am on a gorgeous road and the scenery is pleasant and its that time if an evening when the light is brilliant I decide to keep going in the hopes I am on the right road. Eventually I have to admit I am lost so stop and pull out the maps and with the GPS figure out where I am. I was heading for a place called Rolla as I presumed there would be some cheap motels there. It took me a while to figure out where I was as I had gone miles in the wrong direction but soon I was heading to where I wanted to be when the GPS turned me down a dirt track which I had no intention of doing as I had been riding for miles to long if truth be told and I was completely knackered so I had no ambitions for off-roading so I ignored the GPS and hit recalculate button and continued with my search of Rolla. Again it directed me to another dirt track so this one I decided to take as I just wanted to be at a motel by now. So the usual Philly off-road shinangings scaring myself half to death, as I was so tired I was not really concentrating and suddenly the road turned very steep bike picking up speed very rapidly and all my mind wanted to do was a slow tappy lappy until the rough stuff finished and the road turned back to Tarmac. So again floundering off-road this time I will blame my lack of skills on fatigue. Luckily I managed to gain control of the situation and had an uncomfortable couple more miles before I was back on normal roads and a couple more before I was back on the freeway heading to Rolla by this time quite late getting dark and threatening to rain which it did just as I rolled into Rolla but at the same time I saw a sign for a cheap ish motel so pulled straight in there just as the heaven’s opened. I am such a jammy bastard sometimes I live quite a charmed life!

Just me and the Cops!

Got all my gifts for you here


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