Gallup to Santa Rosa, Sunday, 12 August 2012, Day 69

As I said yesterday I have no idea where I am never mind where I am going just blindly following Route 66 signs, which is most cases is not there or it just disappears and re appears infinitum, todays parts of it was calling itself Route 66 prior to 1937 whatever that means I think it is just that certain town can claim the route 66 kudos.


Mirror Mirror on the wall!

Interesting it is not and every now again an old car or gas station but for the rest pretty boring. I only took few pictures today and most of them of a scrap yards so the scenery is not at all enthralling. Highlight of the day was that yesterday I noticed the screw holding the petrol tank on was missing. So it was both forgotten and or not replaced during the last service or it had worked loose (doubtful). So I decided to find a Suzuki dealer in Albuquerque so I plugged Suzuki into the GPS. Two things I had forgotten was that it was Sunday so they would be shut and when I got there it was indeed shut and it was a car dealership. Homer Simpson Doh! This heat is getting to my brain. I finally called it quits at a place called Santa Rosa as it allegedly had some nice lakes close by and I managed to get some more miles in than yesterday but the heat finally got to me so its another cheap motel at the edge of town does this sound familiar?

Route 66 New Mexico

This one had a café next door so grabbed some food there as no Internet at the motel so I watched the closing ceremony of the Olympics. Seeing as this is first real viewing of the Olympics I had watched as I have been watching very little on the goggle box lately I must say I was quite impressed and dare I say it proud of the little show us chaps put on. I only it turned of when the Brazilian did their bit which was not half as good as us. So again I found myself in a decrepit cheap motel with the air co sounding like it going to cough itself to a terminal standstill and I am wondering what the bleeding hell am I doing here. Route 66 so far has not been that exciting or engaging, I have not spoken to anyone for days except for “how you doing” and the very sincere “have a nice day” and I all I am seeing is freeways and freeways and the odd service towns. Every now again I can escape on to the old route 66 but this is always short-lived or a dead-end so ends up with a lot of back tracking and looking at the maps there are not many alternatives routes. So What to do?



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