Winslow to Gallup, Saturday, 11 August 2012, Day 68

Route 66 Wigwam Motel

I have no idea where I am and I have no idea where I am going. The Plan is to do the Route 66 to Chicago I am not sure why as to be honest it is not that inspiring. I had my free breakfast and I chatted with Chuck owner of the motel when a native Indian woman came in asking about a key that she may have left there 2 years ago. She was quite obviously drunk which was scary, as she had just driven up in a car. She then pounced some breakfast and disappeared calling chuck a white bastard. So the conversation turned to aboriginal’s and how much they get from the government and their dependency on hand outs etc. This was such a déjà vu conversation as I have had it many times in Australia and Canada and in many countries I am not sure where I stand on this lot of finger-pointing and very little understanding but what I just witness gave a lot credence to the lazy freeloading drunk stereotype that is used in these dialogs so lets just say I was more concerned that she got in her car and drove away as another drunk behind the wheel is that what scares me most as I was just about to hit the road again.



Another hot day and this time I went to the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert National Park which was nice even though I was not ideally dressed for the weather conditions.

Hot and lost

It took longer than I thought and I also crossed the state line into New Mexico and lost an hour without realising it so at about 4pm ish so I decided to call it a day in a town called Gallup I did not cover too much distance today I only did 160 miles today but the heat is exhausting for a chubby little fellow like me. Loads of motel in Gallup all advertising cheap rates but when you roll up well suddenly the rate on the huge billboard is not valid and its more expensive. This was pissing me off no end I was hot sweaty and tired and very irritable. I eventually got one that matched the price on the sign but when I went to put my gear in my room it had not been made up and looked a mess.  I had already woke the young guy up from his afternoon nap (idle bastard) all I wanted was a nap as well. Room eventually sorted next problem Internet. Got chatting to the guy and I found out the reason he was napping was that he was fasting for Ramadan so a retraction of the previous idle bastard comment and big respect as there is no way I could be fasting in this heat. I am on the outskirts of town next to the railway and the freeway so not much doing so I decide to walk for 30 minutes in the direction of town and see what I can find in the heat but it just the usual stuff you find on the strip outside of all American towns so its KFC for me dinner and then I walked back to the motel for another evening of trying to get this blog up to date read me book and watched the goggle box. Failed on the first two but watched some crap on the telly in a tatty cheap motel room. I am living the life here I went to bed with John Wayne and woke up with John Wayne as I said before the walls are paper-thin and the bloke next door must be deaf and a John Wayne fan so it was on when I went to bed and on again in the morning. “Get off your horse and drink your milk”

My little pony!


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