Seligman to Winslow, Friday, 10 August 2012, Day 67

Grand Canyon

Today is Grand Canyon Day I had been there before about 15 years ago when I was in the process of delivering a car from LA to Jacksonville and I only had a fixed amount of time to do this so I think I spent no more than 30 minutes there before whizzing on so this time I was determined to spend slightly longer time there than that.

Seligman on Route 66 is a collection of Motels and Memorabilia stores and by the time I crawled out of my pit it was full of tour buses so I was glad I did my wandering around last night as the place was crawling with tourist’s and as we all know my sentiments on tourist’s. I typed in Safeway’s into my GPS and there was one within a couple of miles in Williams so just right for breakfast then it is of to the Grand Canyon.

Route 66 Arizona

I was heading towards the Canyon when I felt something wet on my wrist and at first I thought I had just been shat on by a bird as there where blues sky in front of me blue skies in my mirrors and when I looked left and right the sky was also blue with some fluffy white clouds and then it began to rain so I looked up and above me was a huge black cloud which was surreal as all around there was perfect blues skies with fluffy white clouds. It was like one of those cartoons when you see people wandering around with a black rain cloud above their heads. Fortunately only a brief shower and not long before I quickly rode out of it.  As you can imagine the Grand Canyon was heaving with tourist’s so the plan was to use the free Shuttle Bus and get as far away from the masses as possible but in the end I spent most of the day on over crowded shuttle buses as I guess everyone else had the same idea.

wheres me head!

there it is!

Pleasant enough as I managed to get a decent window seat on most of the trips. I did a bit of a wandering but it was still hot and walking in my leathers and bike boots was bit hard going so I only did a couple of km along the rim at the far end of the shuttle bus route which was nice as very few folks around making the grand canyon a lot a better place than where the tourist do congregate.


It was about 5pm ish when I left the park destination Flagstaff where I knew of 2 hostels but I also knew that they where fully booked but I was going to give them a try anyhow. Nice ride from the park to Flagstaff sun was going down so light was nice and a bit cooler than it had been. No room at either of the places so back on Route 66 heading east looking for a cheap motel. Before I knew it I was out Flagstaff back on the Freeway and in the middle of no where and it was getting dark. I am always reluctant to do a U-turn and go back from where I had already been as onward and forward is my motto so I kept on going and soon it was pitch dark. One of my rules is never to ride at night mainly because of the animals on the road but that was not an issue here but because I am not in hurry and I do not need to ride in the dark and here I was in the middle of no where in the pitch dark and the next civilisation 40 miles away. Idiot I had no idea what was in the next town but as I turned of the freeway I saw a motel for a reasonable price so that was going to be my home for the night it was about 9pm so I was to tired to go into town so I had a burritos and Muffin for me tea brought at the local gas station and I settled in for the night.  The guy said he had thought of me when he gave me room 8 and I understood what he meant when I got in. A lot of route 66 memorabilia but with a motorcycle theme mainly Harley’s so this was a nice gesture me thinks.


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