Las Vegas to Seligman, Thursday, 9 August 2012, Day 66

Route 66

Day 66 so what is better than Route 66 what a coincidence I am staying in a motel on Route 66 on day 66 of my trip. I started of with my free breakfast at Denny’s packed the bike very slowly as it was 110 Fahrenheit 43 centigrade so very hot in all my bike gear did a quick cruise on my bike of the Las Vegas strip and then headed out to Hoover Dam. It got hotter up to 114 Fahrenheit 45 centigrade so to hot to stop and walk around I just took a few pictures and then hit the road to Arizona and Route 66.

Hoover Dam


I stopped at strange little town called Chloride! And got chatting to a guy who just opened a bar a week ago Digger Dave good to get out of the heat for while. Hit the road after a short break and then onto Route 66.


In the distance it had turned black and there was a huge electrical storm and before I knew it I was in it the wind was picking up and it started to rain and the temperature had dropped to 67 Fahrenheit 19 centigrade which was a relief after the heat of the last couple of days I was quite glad for the rain but what worried me more was the lightning I felt a tad exposed so decided to call it quits at about 5pm and got a motel in Seligman and I went for Dinner at a German Diner and I had  pea soup and a wiener schnitzel which was nice except they had a really annoying waitress who kept wanted to see if I was okay how many times does she need to ask I had a hot sweaty day and all I wanted was a bit of peace and quite but she did not seem to get the message sometimes I just want to be left alone without all the inane chit-chat it spoilt a nice dinner. I went for a bit of a walk looking at all the old cars and route 66 memorabilia then back to the motel to get this up to date!



wheres me dinner!



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