Las Vegas, Wednesday, 8 August 2012, Day 65

Best bit of Las Vegas the water show


Hotter than yesterday so the plan today is less walking outside and more buses but in the end  I still ended walking miles I started at the Mandalay Bay then to the Luxor and then to the other side of the Strip so instead of New York I had Paris and Venice and god knows what else so similar day as yesterday wandering from Casino to Casino and trying to 2nd guess how the next one casino could differentiate itself from the previous and yet they did Eiffel tower, Statue of Liberty, Gondolas and pyramids.

I did some lessons in craps and I am still do not understand how it works and I spent the grand total of 5 bucks on the slots so I guess the next theme casino ain’t going to be built on my gambling habits. I am fortunately not much of a gambler I cannot see the point as the house always wins and they are certainly doing okay in Las Vegas so there is no need for me to add to there profits. Maybe I am just a chicken but gambling’s not for me but really I enjoyed Las Vegas all the same. Another long day trawling around the streets in the heat so exhausting but very entertaining and the best bit for me was the water fountains display at the Bellagio it was only about 5 minutes and only squirting water but I loved it. Got back to the hotel a very tired little boy no walking for me a while. Again Las Vegas was supposed to be a rest stop but turned out to be a very active couple of days so it looks like I am not able to do rest days as there are far to many distractions on this trip oh well bring it on.


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