Las Vegas, Tuesday, 7 August 2012, Day 64

Las Vegas Baby!

Las Vegas baby!!!

What a weird and strange place and god it’s hot been over 100 Fahrenheit all day and what does Phill do well he walks for miles from one air-conditioned casino to another and a lot of this outside rather than inside talk about mad dogs and Englishman being out in the midday sun. I started at the hotel at 11am after a good breakfast at Denny’s (free with the hotel :-)) and I got to downtown at 7pm that evening so 8 hrs only doing the left hand side of the strip so that New York, Bellagio, Caesar’s Place, Treasure Island, Circus Circus and many more I do not recall the names of I think according to the map about 12km with all the Casino floors and shopping malls I got lost in its probably a lot more. Some weird themes and a lot of decadence, but bloody fascinating place all the same. I caught the Freemont light show not sure what I was expecting but entertaining enough. The Casino are a bit rougher down this end of town and a lot more flesh on show 🙂 but you can see there is some serious competition with the new kids on the strip but at the end of the day they all have the same product which is gambling just different ways of trying to sell it.I got the Bus back as I was utterly cream crackered and I got back to the hotel at about 11pm. I know its Vegas and it goes on  all night but me feet where killing me and I was a hot sweaty mess and had the other side of the strip to do tomorrow so I am not going back out tonight!



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