Brea (Los Angeles) to Las Vegas, Monday, 6 August 2012, Day 63

Las Vegas Baby 🙂

A slow start I wonder why? and its hot, hot, hot breakfast at Kimmi’s again and I said Tata to my wonderful host Richard. Thanks for a fantastic weekend and letting me hijack your weekend at such short notice I had a great time and I loved LA. We covered some miles but I appreciate that and thanks for showing me your LA I loved it I am not sure I want to leave I am totally regenerated and ready for the rest of my trip Las Vegas here I come.

Traffic a lot easier than on Friday but god it is hot the thermometer just hit 100 Fahrenheit, which is 37 centigrade later in Baker it rose to 114 Fahrenheit which is 45 centigrade in full bike kit bugger me dehydrated (Could it be all that beer I have been drinking? I will blame the heat) I decided to drive straight to Las Vegas as I had no energy for scenic roads so Freeway all the way. I found a cheap Motel just of the strip with a pool, which I needed so as soon as I had checked I did my beached whale impersonations in the Pool. Still hot but it’s a dry hot so did a small walk into town to get my first flavour of Las Vegas. More later


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