Brea (Los Angeles), Saturday, 4 August 2012, Day 61

reunion with Richard Kooyenga and Russell Fearon

First sleep in for ages I think we surfaced at about 12am ish and first order of business was brunch. Kimmi’s for quesadillas and then back to hang around the swimming pool. Yes he has a pool as well so guess who is moving in! At about 3pm we headed to Century City as Richard had tickets for Who Shot Rock & Roll a photo exhibition with free concert with Raphael Saadiq and a Band of Skulls I had never heard of either but allegedly for those in the know this is a cool and fashionable line up.

Lots of queuing but a good night as Richard blagged us into the VIP lounge and we spent the evening chatting to girls who worked in “the industry” that is what they call it here for me “the industry”  has a whole other meaning!

John and Oko lovechild!


Peeing in Bev Hills

So a good evening hanging around with LA trendies and then of to Pasadena for a block party hosted by an other school mate of mine who I have not seen in 30 years Russell Fearon so a mini school reunion. We did not get there till about 11pm so Russell already well pissed as it had started at about 6pm so conversation bit limited but good to see him after all these years. I spent the rest of the evening chilling out on the street outside Russell’s house. We ended up for last orders at In and Out Burgers for last call at 1.30am as we had not got round to eating that evening a cold burger Yuk and then back to Richards. An excellent day the only fly in the ointment was that we got a parking ticket in Beverly Hills like they need the cash!


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