Cambria to Brea (Los Angeles), Friday, 3 August 2012, Day 60

Hearst Castle

Well I made it to Hearst Castle and as expected I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I spent all morning there, I did the Upstairs Suites Tour as I had been here twice before so I thought I try to see another part of the castle this time.

Hearst Castle




I love this place the pure decadence of the place is amazing and obscene all at the same time. I managed to get away at 2pm and I started making my way to Richards in LA. The GPS reckoned I would get there at 6.30pm so I thought at a leisurely pace should be there by 8.30pm with a stop for lunch and any shiny objects I saw along the way. It turned out slightly different as I did not calculate on LA Friday night rush hour traffic. Bloody hell after driving around on empty roads for nigh on 2 months this is a complete mind f**k I am trying to following the GPS which is telling me I need to be in the left lane of 8 lanes and I am in the right lane of 8 lanes and traffic all around me in total grid lock. You are allowed to filter in the state of California but with all my luggage on the back I have a huge arse on the bike so this is quite difficult so I am not getting anyway fast. The trick I find is to ride aggressively and just to hammer it like the locals do and that seem to work but it needs a lot of confidence and the road surface are also crap with lots of banding so I am fighting that as well.

I get to Richards at 8.30pm right on schedule except the schedule was completely different from the original plan. Its time to fall of the wagon after that experience and Richard had a cold beer waiting for me it will be the first of many as I have been dry for 60 days so there is a lot of catching up to do. Cold Beer mmmm lekker! We headed straight out to a Chinese for dinner and then we hit a few more bars before crashing on the Richard sofa at about 2.30am ish I am knackered , slightly pissed and happy a good night of catch up with Richard the perfect host Mi casa est tu casa 🙂


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