Montara to Cambria, Thursday, 2 August 2012, Day 59

The Corkscrew at Laguna Sega

I needed a short break and an early night and I was ready to hit the road again this time to Cambria as I had managed to book a hostel there tonight and it is near Hearst Castle my main destination today. Well that was the plan but I got to Hearst Castle way to late and it was closed fortunately I am only staying 10 miles down the road so I will pop by tomorrow morning before heading to LA. So again my planning on mileage letting me down but I do have an excuse as I was driving to Monterey I remembered that Laguna Sega race track was near so I did a little detour there on my way and before I knew it I was at the race track. I can hang around these places for ages so this is the reason I did not get to Hearst Castle before it shut and that and all the other stops I did along the way as even though the weather was crap and I was driving through clouds and mist most of the day still a lovely ride with lots of distractions and wildlife to see.


Laguna Seca

Today I saw a sea otter (I had no idea that you get otters at the sea I thought they were freshwater and it must be bloody difficult building dams in the pacific) seals, pelicans, elephant seals to name some of the animals I saw to-day so an excellent day on the wildlife front.

I saw the famous corkscrew and took loads of pictures (for the racing geeks amongst you will understand my fondness for this holy place) basically a good day if not a bit chilly I finally made it to the hostel at 7.30pm so also a reasonably long day as well. Skype Richard Kooyenga who has offered me a couch in LA, I saw him a couple of years ago at a school reunion and it’s probably 30 years ago at school the time before that so a lot catching up to do and he also mentioned that Russell Fearon another school mate of mine is around as well and I have not seen him since I was about 16 so it should be a laugh catching up with those two.

I saw a sign for the 17-mile drive near Monterey and I recall it was supposed to be quite scenic so I turned of into it. I came round the corner and found out it was a toll route so I thought it may be part of the National Parks of US for which I have a ticket as there is no way am I paying USD9.75 to get in. Nope my pass is not valid and by the way motorcyclist are not allowed in. That pissed me of and made me want to pay the USD9.75 and go in anyhow. It has been ages since I have seen any anti motorcyclist sentiment and it reminded me of when I first moved back to the UK and they where always refusing to serve anyone wearing leather jacket in the pubs. Last no motorcyclist area that I was in was in Quebec but I just ignored those signs but this time there was a rent a cop and barriers so no entry for Philly and his motorbike today. I am plotting a big demo turning up with 100 of bikes and blocking the entrance and demanding to be allowed in, equal rights for motorcyclist, motorcyclist are human, motorcyclist have feelings to etc. My rebellionistic feelings soon disappeared, as the road got more interesting as I entered Carmel valley where the last time I was here I got a ticket for parking on the wrong side of the street facing the wrong direction! Something about that this part of the world and me that are slightly at odds with each other.

Carmel Valley

Big Sur

Tomorrow I will attempt to get to Hearst Castle and then to LA I am looking forward to it.

Elephant Seals

Must be love!

Mather from Cars


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