San Francisco to Montara, Wednesday, 1 August 2012, Day 58

Lighthouse Accommodation

I woke up in my cupboard to the sounds of Peter singing the little drummer boy song by Bing Crosby and David Bowie and it has been in my head all day Cheers mate 🙂 Early start but I guess that is what happens when you have a young family with you. I said Ta Ta to the Paarsen family it was good to see you and headed to the nearest Safeway/Starbucks for breakfast to figure out the plan for today.

Pieter and Annemieke

I am going into San Francisco to see if I can find somewhere reasonable to stay tonight but this plan fails miserably as I cannot found anywhere to park the bike without paying and the hostels are all full or expensive so plan B kicks in. I am not really in a busy city kind of mood at the moment so I decide to do the 49 miles scenic drive around town and then to head out to Monterey. I am keen to get back on them twisty roads rather than fight downtown traffic. I loose the signs for the 49 miles scenic drive after taking about 20 minutes trying to find it in the first place and I am lost after about 30 minutes so as I am on the far side of San Francisco I just punch in Monterey on my GPS and I head back to Pacific Highway Number 1.


I am in a bit of funny mood my guts are rotten and I think I am well knackered after yesterday hard physical ride so when I see a sign for a hostel 30 mile outside of San Francisco I pull over to take a look at it and it turns out to be a gorgeous lighthouse keeper house turned into a hostel. Its only 2 pm but I decide I like this place and I want to stay here so onto plan C. They have a place yay but I cannot check in until 3.30pm so I go for  ride to the nearest supermarket get some vitals for the evening and I am back and checked in by 4pm. The weather is still overcast and not so warm but hang around the lighthouse where they have their own little beach and great views which would be even better if the clouds ever lift. It is 10 pm and I have just been chilling around this place for the last 6 hours it was a good call to stop I needed this little break.

Lighthouse home for tonight

Tomorrow Hearst castle I have been there twice before but I find the place fascinating so I will be making it a hat trick of visits.

A couple of days ago in Oregon there was another lighthouse which had a gorgeous B&B in the old Lighthouse keeper house with rooms that started from 250 USD per night. Seemingly there was a 7-course breakfast with full guide and history tour of the food and the lighthouse. I really wanted to stay there but it was well beyond my budget and then a couple of days later same set up only this time a hostel for 26 USD per night and I will go to Safeway’s for breakfast down the road so how cool is that 🙂


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