Reedsport to Eureka, Monday, 30 July 2012, Day 56

get out of the way you are spoiling the view

Oops I have let this slide again so again playing catch up so what happened to day of interest let me think? Bugger it is really sad but I cannot remember much about today other than I have made it to California. Nice road along the coast saw some herds of elks another word for dear or maybe they are just another species I really should have listened more at school.


Oregon Pacific Coast

I ran out of steam in Crescent City but there was no real obvious places to stay so I kept on rolling through the Redwood National Park which was full of huge trees very pleasant run and then I started looking for something in Eureka. Saw I sign for a cheap motel and stopped to look but it was a real dive even I did not fancy staying there and my standards as we all know are not that high. There was another motel just round the corner, which looked at bit more habitable so went to ask them how much. But they where asking to much for my budget so I turned to walk out and the guy an Indian gentleman asked me how much I wanted to pay and we started haggling. I have not done that for ages and I was certainly not expecting to do that in the US. In the end we did a deal and I had a room for the night. Interesting folks in these types of motels mainly people using them as full time accommodation and nearly all of them smokers trying to bum a cigarette of me. Dinner tonight-pure Americana I went to Denny’s. I have not been there for years I used to go there all the time for breakfast the first time I was in the US with my sister and that was about 20 years ago. Well it has not changed much to my delight I spent all night trying to work out the menu and had a cheap and cheerful meal and then went for a bit of a wander and then back and barricaded myself in my room. (I exaggerate for dramatic effect)

Big Trees

In a new State therefore there are new ways of doing things. I went to fill up my bike with petrol so up to now you either fill up and then pay in places states provinces that they just trust you and it is dead easy. In other places you have to walk in and give your credit card and walk out fill up and go back in pay. This is a bit of pain but I guess loads of folks do runners here and there registration system of a vehicle is probably not as efficient as ours (How about that for smugness). Well today I had to say how much fuel I wanted and put this on the card. I did not know, as I have no idea as I just fill it to the brim each time and do not stop until it is sort of empty so I had to put 20 bucks on the card. Go and fill her up and then go back in and get a credit on my card for the balance. I also wanted a drink, which I always do on the same transaction but no this would have to be another transactions what a pain. And to add insult to injury they have funny pumps here that shut of as soon you start to pump to stop overflowing and wasting gas fumes well this system does not work with a motorcycles if you want to fill it to the brim so it took me ages fiddling with the nozzle to get the bike full. I need to practice my technique and develop some muscles in some weird places to get this to work for me. While I am bitching Sales Tax on hot food in California so my 1.99 breakfast cost me 2.14 today what is that all about 🙂



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