Seaside to Reedsport, Sunday, 29 July 2012, Day 55

Pacific Highway Nr 1

Today’s theme was Lighthouses. I went from Lighthouse to Lighthouse along the Oregon Pacific Coast. I did about 200 miles long day as I was stopping a lot to walk around the parks the lighthouses all seem to be located in. The weather was dull and overcast in the morning but later the sun showed itself. All in all a very pleasant day whizzing down the coast and stopping any time I saw a sign for a lighthouse or something that interested me so a very relaxing day.

Cape Meares


I thought I had found a replacement option for Tim Horton’s in the US that being Safeway the supermarket they do a cheap ham egg and cheese sandwich for 2 dollars and there is normally a Starbucks there to get a coffee as well so a perfect solution the problem is that you have to queue for the sarnie and normally there is an even larger separate queue for the coffee.

All I want is a simple cup of coffee my god they have made coffee consumption complex 😦  So I am not sure this is the solution. Scenery has changed instead of mountains and lakes I have cliffs and the Pacific Ocean instead of Bears and Moose I have whales and seals and loads of bird I do not even know the names of. So in short a nice run. At about 6pm ish I was starting to flag so started to look for a cheap motel. I had seen loads during the day but as soon as I start looking there are none around so I keep on rolling on for another hour and half and was even going to default to the tent! When I saw the sign I had been looking for a cheap and cheerful motel and the Internet had enough speed has that has also enabled me to upload the videos of the interview that Mathilda did of me in Chase so you can now see these at

They are worth a giggle at my expense.

Just what I was looking for

I have been a bit low last the couple of days but feeling much better today I am not sure why maybe it’s the change in pace or rhythm I do not know but I will take it or it must be all the lighthouses!


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