Forks to Seaside, Saturday, 28 July 2012, Day 54

Big bowl of Raspberries mmmm lekker

Good thing about staying on farm is the huge farm breakfast downside is that it is at 8am. Yorkshire puddings for breakfast well that is one way to get over my Tim Horton’s addiction. They have there Yorkshire pudding with Raspberry Jam on it so of course I had to try this delightful delicacy home made raspberry as well mmm. So I stuffed myself for breakfast and was out on the road by 9.30am very early by standards. Plan today was to head for a town called Seaside for no other reason that I like the name and want to say I have been to Seaside and get corrected and have someone say I have been to the Seaside and I can tell nope I have been to Seaside (I have been on the road to long). It was a bit dull and overcast but another short day in the saddle only about 200 miles and when I got to Seaside at about 3pm the sun was out and I am now sitting outside typing this and watching the sun go down. Uneventful day I cannot remember anything special or worth mentioning here bike is running well after the service it is a shame that I cannot say the same about the rider he seems to be running out of steam. Not sure why I am getting plenty of good nights sleep but I am feeling pretty beat up both physically and mentally so I need to have a think about how to address this option one is go bugger it and have a huge mileage day and completely knacker myself or do the opposite and keep doing short runs until I get my energy back I am not sure which solution I will take but just sitting here watching the sun going down tells me that I am not done with this trip by a long shot I just need to find away to keep my energy levels up I must be missing the vitamins in all that beer I used to drink but this has been compensated did you see that bowl of raspberries I got through at the farmhouse last night 🙂

My Sponsor 🙂

Did a bit of detour to see Washington largest lighthouse was looking all around to, as it should not be too difficult to miss it was tiny! Pissed myself laughing when I saw talk about a disappointment.

Largest Lighthouse in WA it was tiny 🙂


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