Seattle to Forks, Friday, 27 July 2012, Day 53

Bye bye Seattle

Sitting here stuffing my face with raspberries in a farm kitchen at a place called the HohHumm Ranch near Forks next to Olympia State Park. This morning I got up and it was dull and overcast and had been raining so a bit cooler than yesterday I had my free breakfast and caught the bus to Aurora Suzuki to pick my bike up. I hardly recognised it, as it was clean! I did not know that I had black wheels as I thought they where a muddy brown and a I could see bits I had not seen for months as they had been caked in mud. Chatted with the guys and I settled the bill ouch but very reasonable considering the amount of work been done and if I am going to keep doing these kind of mileages I am going to have to pay to keep the bike in Tip Top conditions if I am going the make it all the way to Ushuaia. Big cheer and thank you to Darrell and the boys at Aurora Suzuki Inc. Seattle not only for fitting me in so quickly but also for there customer service which was excellent Darrell was still polishing and cleaning the bike while I was there and insisted on doing it even though I said it was not necessary. So a great job the bike has never looked better and I am now going to get it all dirty again. So was on the road at about 11am  and I headed in to town to get a ferry across to Olympic National Park and I caught this with minutes to spare the problem was I did not know which ferry I was on and where it would kick me out but no real problem as they all end up roughly in the same place.

Bye Bye Seattle

Still dull and overcast so I could not see the Mountains I hear they are very nice! At about 4pm ish I ran out of steam so started to look for places to stay I even checked out a campsite. In the end I stumbled on a B&B which was reasonably priced and that where I am in a ramshackle farm kitchen next to huge bowl of raspberries which I have been picking at all night so much that my keyboard is all sticky. Lovely view dogs cats and farm animals and hummingbirds and I think I am all caught up with my blog as well so another excellent bit of luck that has landed me here.

Hohhumm Ranch


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