Seattle, Thursday, 26 July 2012, Day 52

Seattle Skyline with Mount Olympia in the distance

A day without my bike, which is being pampered by the guys at Aurora Suzuki Seattle

So it is going to be a long walking day today. I got the free breakfast it is not quite Tim Horton’s but it will do I caught the bus into town as it quite a distance and just wandered all around Seattle which was nice as the sun was shining as well. I saw all the sights and took loads of pictures and basically I was a tourist for the day.


I even paid to go into one of the Tourist attractions which was called The Underground Tour it was supposed to be an amusing tour here is the blurb

is a leisurely guided walking tour beneath Seattle’s sidewalks and streets. As you roam the subterranean passages that once were the main roadways and first-floor storefronts of old downtown Seattle, our guides regale you with the stories our pioneers didn’t want you to hear. It’s history with a twist!

It was total bollocks not funny and the walks through what could have been a building site so I was bit pissed off as it cost me 16 bucks. It could have been so much better as they had the location and the stories but it looked like they where just milking tourists and I just got milked very disappointing. I walked back to the hostel via a sculpture park and cross a huge bridge with great views and got back at about 8.30pm so had been walking all day and I was knackered. Went to the organic supermarket for another healthy meal and tried to catch up with me blog but was to busy cooking and chatting to the English blokes from tough miles as they where sober this time giving them some info on the Alaska route and swapping stories. So did not get round to doing much on the PC this evening either hence the epic catch up now.

Seattle Art


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