Penticton to Seattle, Wednesday, 25 July 2012, Day 51

Washington Cascades

I have let this slide so I am playing catch up so it may all be a bit vague. Another hot and gorgeous day I went for my last breakfast at Tim Horton’s a sad occasion and then I headed for the border. Crossing no problems again no checks on the paperwork on the bike just me. I had a fight with the GPS as it kept resisting the route I wanted to go so in the end I ignored it and did a lovely run through the Washington Cascades.

Washington Cascades

And I rolled into to Seattle at about 5.30pm Headed straight to Aurora Suzuki where I had arranged a service for the bike.

Well Deserved TLC !

I was running late so i arranged to leave all my kit with them and only take a small bag to the hotel and come back on Friday when the bike will be as a good as new. The blokes at Aurora are very friendly so I hang around sorting out my kit and chatting and had offered to give me a lift to the hostel to where I was staying. So I sorted out what was needed for the bike we decided a full service including valves was needed so no new chain and sprockets and no new pads needed yet and I got to pick out a new set of tyres after a lot of humming and haring I went with a set of Bridgestone TW the same as I had on before so stick with what you know I got 11.5k km out of the first set and only 10.4k km for the second set. The front one could have been left on but the back one was finished so it was prudent to change both. I got to the Hostel, which was in a really cool neighbourhood of Freemont and the local supermarket was all, organic so I had a healthy meal for a change as well.

I went to the Gasworks Park to watch the sun go down and from here you had a spectacular view of Seattle so I hung around and watched the sun go down and enjoyed the view and took loads of pictures of which many will not come out. I was just going to go to bed when I got chatting to an Italian guy called Simon who was riding up from Ushuaia and had done 32,000km and this all on a 50cc Beta. Wow I was impressed. He was just on his way out to the pub to meet two English blokes who had driven form London to Vladivostok and where waiting for there bikes to arrive from Korea and they where planning to ride also from Alaska to Ushuaia. (I need to change the title of my blog as I thought Ushuaia was in Chile turns out its in Argentina shows how much research I have done) I felt like a rank amateur compared to what these guys had done so I headed out into town to find the English Blokes which we did and they where pissed as farts so not much of a dialog I hung out for while and the decided to head home as it was quite late and I was not drinking (Ok now you picked yourselves of the floor I have a confession to make I have not had a drink since I left the Netherlands 51 days ago I did fancy one tonight but I have decided to see how long I can go without it as I do not need the additional expense of booze both economically and physically and to be honest I have not missed it to much!

The guy’s websites for those of you are interested

World Record Bike!



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