Vancouver to Penticton, Tuesday, 24 July 2012, Day 50


Day started with a couple of Skype phone calls first to Aurora Motorcycles in Seattle which turned out very good as they where able to fit me this Thursday and they will probably be able to do most of the work the question is do I need to do anything with the valves I am not sure as this would be time consuming and potentially expensive and I am not sure what is needed I will discuss this with them tomorrow. So with a known time slot for the service I could now make a decision on where to go in the interim. I decided it would be to expensive to go to Victoria just for one night so decided to head for Penticton and stay the night there and then head to Seattle tomorrow.

Last Tim Hortons Breakfast or is it?

A lovely ride again the weather was good and I recall doing this route 4 years ago in the other direction in the pissing rain so today I could actually see something and it was really nice. The roads where empty and wide and sweeping and I spent about 2 hours tailing an old fella on a Harley who was keeping up a nice reasonably fast pace. With him leading I could use him as a marker for any signs of any trouble or rough road and it was good that by using him as a pace maker a more relaxing ride for me as I habit of letting myself go and then getting into all sorts of trouble and overcooking it so following this bloke who was smooth fast and risk adverse it was a very pleasant ride he spotted the bear first and nearly squished Bambi and I had the best seat in the house. It was hot day so completely different from yesterday and I arrived in Penticton at about 7pm as I had a little stop at Fort Langley to squeeze the last bit of value out of my Parks Canada Discovery Card.

Fort Langley


This is my last night in Canada and the big America adventure is about to start. I must say I love Canada it is a gorgeous beautiful place and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here if the US is half as good as this then I am in for an excellent time 🙂


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