Whistler to Vancouver, Sunday, 22 July 2012, Day 48

sea to sky highway

Woke up looked out of my posh dorm window I was missing the smell of Diesel 🙂 and it was pissing down bugger. I tried to get on the internet to call a guy called Dave who had offered me some help with servicing the bike and a possibility of a bed near Vancouver it took a while but got on the internet in a meeting room of the hostel on a different Wi-Fi connection and was able to connect to my FTP and delete my web to try and fix the issues I was having and I called Dave but unfortunately he was out for a ride. I will try and catch up with him in the coming days. I was in no hurry to leave on the road to Whistler as it did not have Tim Horton’s on it so I had some breakfast at the Hostel not quite the same as their coffee taste like piss.  Finally I hit the road and it was dry but it rained on and of all of the 125km to Vancouver so wet then dry etc.

Raining Again!

I had a choice of 3 Hostels so I tried the one in the center first as I was damp and I thought it would be better to be in town but they had no room so headed for the one just outside town +-6km and they had a deal where you get a bicycle free for the day if you stay for 2 nights so that is the current plan on the page. I spent today fixing this blog and catching up on my washing, which is nearly done. I will try and find a supermarket for some food later and the plan for tomorrow is Vancouver all day on the bicycle I do hope the weather is better and I am looking forward to it.

Nice walk along the beach to the Supermarket and back to the Hostel and its film night with free pop corn so for the first time in ages I watch the goggle box it’s a film called meet the Fockers and its pants. Two giggles max in a film is not that impressive for a comedy but luckily I had low expectations and a packet of crisps to keep me happy.


I thought I had found a great spot in the hostel at the end of a large room in a sort of separate room with one bunk bed so pretty private but when I went to bed there was huge Red Exit Light as I was right next door to the Fire escape so I spent the night on show like an Amsterdam hooker. But the red light made me look very attractive and disguised all me wrinkles and scars 🙂



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