Chase to Whistler, Saturday, 21 July 2012, Day 47

I do like locomotives

I woke up to glorious sunshine which lasted all day I had fruit pancakes again for breakfast and I was still debating on whether to stay another day as I had lot of affection for this great little place but the lure of the open road was pulling me so I packed me stuff slowly enjoying the sun Malthilda was filming this as well. Curious as to what this looks like when she puts it all together I have been quite the celebrity while I have been here filmed and  interviewed I quite enjoyed the attention (British Understatement).


Heading was Whistler sun was shining and the roads where great so I was very happy.


The scenery was still mountains but instead of them being covered with trees it was grass, which had been in the Sun to long so not green but like those spaghetti westerns and later the trees came back and the mountains got more rugged as I reached Whistler.


Gorgeous day got to the Hostel International about 4pm total contrasts from where I had stayed in my train last night this was dead posh and a bit more expensive. Last night had spades loads more character this place was sterile and missed any vibe it was to perfect in my view but all in all pleasant place to stay I just missed the charm of the trains, and the general store and the eclectic common area of the HI-Shuswap Lake (Chase) Squilax General Store. That Good I  added a link

I went to the local store to get some food for dinner Whistler is a ski resort very modern not much to say about it other than the mountains, which are great all year round, it could be any other ski resort. I spent that evening trying to fix my Webpage and get FTP access to the site but I failed miserably but I did manage the following morning to delete my Website and later reload it all again so I think I am up an running. Another late night as was chatting to a nice Kiwi couple whilst working my PC issues.


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