Chase, Friday, 20 July 2012, Day 46


Well I had a sort of a rest day I had decided that I really liked this place as it had a really good vibe about it. I had also signed up for a pancake breakfast, which was at 8 am but worth it fresh fruit pancakes with lashings of maple syrup and loads of coffee so an excellent start to the day. I just lazed around the communal area chatting with anyone who was around I checked the videos that Mathilda had made and tried to load them to my Website but I think that this has killed it so have been working on getting this rectified for the last couple of days now but I think I am back in Business I am not sure how I am going to share the videos of my interview as they are quite cool I will get back to you on that. I eventually decided I needed to do something I can only hang around for so long so I went for a ride to Salmon Arm which was about 40km away so even on a rest day end up doing about 100km! On the way there saw a sign for a Motorcycle Museum so I had to stop there. Great little place the guy was showing about 60 odd bikes he had restored of different ages and types with a whole load more ready to be done and he also had theatre showing the Isle of Man races so as you can imagine I hung around there for a while.

Motorcycle Museum


I finally tore my self away from this great little place deciding that I want a set up like this when I grow up 🙂 and I am headed to Salmon Arm. The weather had been dull and overcast all day and it started to blow a real gale and also started to rain so got to Salmon Arm and I took shelter at the Tim Horton’s there (No that was not the reason I went there it is just a happy coincidence) It did not look like it was easing of so headed back to the Hostel. It was pissing down and black as hell in the distance but I was fortunate that I did not get to wet where I was. I spent the afternoon chewing the fat with Mathilda and two German girls who where working there another pleasant afternoon.



Later on I went for short walk along the river where someone had hung a whole load of Barbie’s and other thing in the tree so it was like a bit of a discovery trail finding amusing things hidden or hanging in trees. That evening there was Powwow at the Indian Reservation around the corner so I spent a great watching and listening to the Native Indians do there stuff excellent entertainment and to top it tried the local delicacy Indian Chilli with there deep fried bread called bannock which was heel lekker.


Late night for a rest day was happy to be back in my caboose however I did not have it to myself this evening so had to keep my chew chew noises a bit quieter this evening. Great rest day even though the weather was crap needed it.


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