Lake Louise to Chase, Thursday, 19 July 2012, Day 45

Lake Louise

Hot hot hot it was up to 33 degrees centigrade and around the 30 degrees mark all day so a hot and sweaty day however the route I did was gorgeous but I did not stop very much for photographs as every time I did I started to bake so best plan of action was to keep on moving so that is what I did. First thing I did was head down to the Lake to do the mandatory photo of the lake, me and all of the rest of the tourists it was so bad that people where actually queuing up to get a shot.

Lake Louise

Yuk not my scene at all so headed up to another lake nearby and it was the same story there. Both of the lakes where absolutely gorgeous, but in my view there where far to many tourists for my taste.

Moraine Lake

I had plan on how to get Vancouver and I had made my decision on where the 1st nearest Tim Horton’s was how sad is that I even went on the internet to locate this info (actually it was a lady in Parks Canada who said this route may be nicer more parks to go through not the lure of cinnamon rolls honest Indian) A long day in the saddle through some lovely scenery at one stage it was like driving along Lake Como in Italy only nicer National park after National park it was absolutely brilliant.

Not Staying Here!

Later scenery turned to rolling hill and farmland as I headed to Vernon where I heard there was a bike motorcycle rally on called Sturgis of the North. I seen pictures of the original Sturgis which is a small town with streets lined with motorcycle well this was not at all like this it was out of town and you had to buy tickets for it so I decided this is not my scene loads of fat old men with ill fitting leathers on Harleys (I have just described myself except for the Harley part!) I headed for a hostel I had read about the night before where you sleep in old worker railway carriages and an excellent decision that was as I am still here the following day. A real cool place next to a river were there are 4 old railway carriage that used to be used as sleeping quarters by the workers on the railroads and an old fashion general store a very eclectic place that I am staying another night after a great night sleep. Big boy toys playing at railways drivers Chu Chu I love it!

I am staying here my latest digs 🙂

Fun evening I met a mad (her words not mine) French girl called Matilda who wanted to do an interview of me why I have no idea but I spent a fun evening with me being filmed and interviewed I shall try and share this on the net if I can so that you can all have a laugh at my expense. And to top it all I spent all night outside and very few mosquitoes here and a gorgeous sunset what more can you ask for a very pleasant day.

Nice Sunset!


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