Jasper to Lake Louise, Wednesday, 18 July 2012, Day 44

It Looks like a bear to me


There had been a storm during the night and some rain was expected today so I packed my bike very quickly as the mosquitoes where already out in there droves and I hit the road to Lake Louise. I had done this road 4 years ago so I was very familiar with it it was very pleasant but very familiar so maybe there is a lesson to be learnt here that I should not go back to familiar places that I liked in case they may not live up to my old expectations or I may have a to high of an expectations. Nice enough drive stopping of and taking pictures at the same places I had done in 2008.

Jasper National Park

I had big plans to go out on the Glacier tour when I reached the Ice Parkway but when I got there it was crawling with tourists and the queue was enormous and I did not fancy mingling with all the tourists as I am not a big fan of mass tourism and I guess I had been spoilt rotten over the last couple of weeks as I had been in the far north where there are very few tourist who actually make it up there. I am going to have to get used to mass tourism, as I will be soon entering the mass tourism capital of the world the good old US of A so I have to get used to be amongst people again. It took most of the day to do the 230km from Jasper to Lake Louise as I was in no particular hurry and I was soaking in the views and latter in the day it was me who was soaking as it was raining again it had been just been keeping clear all day but it got me very briefly at the end I could see it up the road and behind me and it tried a few times where I nearly succumbed to stopping and getting the waterproofs out finally it had caught up to me  but luckily it was only a brief shower.

Jasper National Park

I had buggered my leg walking to a scenic lookout point it had cramped up solid in the left calf I did this a couple of weeks ago for the first time when I was in Whitehorse so I will be limping for a couple of days again as I am not sure what it is but when I am knackered my leg has a habit of stiffening up or cramping up its actually quite a good warning system only problem is that I end up walking like a prick for a couple days. I got to the Hostel at Lake Louise but its about 5 km away from the lake so not sure old stiff leg here  is up to that today so went for a shorter walk to the local supermarket to get some food for my dinner they had very little choice so my feast for this evening is Heinz bake beans and pita bread. I am living like a king me.

Spent a pleasant evening listening to 3 First Nation Elders talking about their relationship with the Banff national Park around a campfire. This was a session organised by the hostel and it was very interesting except for some young German prick asking irrelevant or not appropriate questions which I felt spoilt the flow a bit other than that a very civilised and pleasant way to spend an evening and dare I say it the mosquitoes situation does not seem as bad as it was in Jasper. Last night I was talking to a very attractive German girl at a camp fire and I could only last for about 10 minutes before been driven inside by mosquitoes so to sit outside for more than 2 hours is very pleasant as I was crawling up the walls after 5 minutes yesterday so those extra 5 minutes took some serious will power. I hate mosquitoes!!!! Hopefully there will be less and less here’s hoping.


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