Jasper, Tuesday, 17 July 2012, Day 43


I have been whining about being tired a lot so I decided to have a rest day in Jasper well that was the plan I did have a bit of kip in or as much as you can with 42 other people getting up at various times. The plan was to go for walk up Whistler Mountain which was 7.5km what they failed to mention is that it is all up hill and you guessed it loads of flies I made it the top of the cable car in about 2 ¾ hours very hot and sweaty.


It was another 1.5 km to the top which I did at a very leisurely pace as I was knackered but worth it as the views were spectacular I could see storms further down the valley and I was just happy to soak up all the scenery it was breath taking I am a very happy bunny I was glad that I had done the walk even though was mosquito and fly food for most of the way.



I had decided to get the cable car down as I could not face the mossies’ and they do not check for tickets on the way down so I saved a few bucks on this. I got back to the hostel at about 5pm and had a little lie down as I was a little bit tired!

Canada Rocks

I then had a shower and then got on the bike into Jasper for me supper KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken or PFK Poulet Frit Kentucky for the French among you I felt I deserved some grease after all the energy I had expended today I also went for a wander and I sat on a bench and watched the world go buy a lot less flies and mosquitoes here which was a relief. I also went for a bit of a spin on what was supposed to be a bike free day but it was a lovely evening and there were a couple of lakes I had seen from the top of the mountain that looked worth a visit and when you on the bike and moving the flies and mosquitoes are less of a bother. Back to the hostel and updating this I will be glad tonight for the 11pm lights out tomorrow the Parkway and I am staying in Lake Louise tomorrow night weather may be a bit stormy in the morning but sunshine later in the day. So that’s a rest day and I am tireder than yesterday but a happy tired 🙂

Lake Patricia for me Mum


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