Prince George to Jasper, Monday, 16 July 2012, Day 42

On the road to Jasper

I forgot to mention yesterday an encounter I had with a brown bear as I was zooming down the road I came round a corner and in the middle of the road was a brown bear I was doing some speed and he seem reluctant to move, now when this normally happens with the smaller animals you just brace yourself and hope they get out of the way and if not there will be a bit of squish and a small bump no problem so far no bump with the larger animals they normally have a bit of panic but eventually move however with this fella he seem reluctant to move and I was bearing down on him fast (get the pun) mmm what to do luckily he decided to move and I whizzed pass safely but scary and exciting all at the same time.

Now on with today I pulled the bike out of the hot tub showroom she seemed reluctant to leave cannot blame her as she is in serious need of some serious TLC she already has 19,000km on the clock and as yet never had a proper service I need to think about new tyres, new brake pads and a bloody good service I am waiting till I hit the US for some reason I think it may be cheaper there. It was a hot day but unfortunately there was what I thought was a heat haze but I found out later that they’re where some huge fires in Siberia and this was the result so even if the scenery was gorgeous I was unable to see much of it. Luckily it cleared up when hit Alberta and drove into Jasper National Park.

Mount Robson

I had checked at McBride to see if there any place at the Jasper Hostel the answer was no but I decided to try anyhow and hey guess what there was room there when I arrived as there had been a cancelation so quick drive back to town as it about 7km out of town in the mountains to stock up for some provisions for dinner and then spent the rest of the evening trying to get pictures loaded on Amazon Cloud and failing miserably I am giving up on technology and I just found there is a max of 5GB only on Amazon Cloud for Dutch users why it is beyond me so again I am reviewing the situation.

The clocks had gone back an hour and this is a real hostel and the lights went out at 11pm which was 10pm for me so an enforced early night in a room with 42 other people which is a new record for me.


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