Smithers to Prince George, Sunday, 15 July 2012, Day 41

Parking tonight in a hot tub showroom

Hot day it was 25 degree centigrade all day so again completely different from yesterday. I decided to take it a bit easier so I only did 380km today.

Two of my favourite things

The Hills are alive with!


Done this run before very pleasant country side and on the way I saw a sign for a car show so I followed it and I ended up by a small classic car show next to a lake which was pleasant I had a wander around and then made tracks to Prince George to a Hostel I had found in one of the many brochures I had been given by those helpful folks at the info centres.

Bear Lake Classic Car


I arrived at about 5pm ish checked in and my bike is parked in a hot tub show room so she has got a better place than I have. A biker runs this place so bikers are well looked after here. I went for a walk to the Supermarket and the place is dead as we are right in the center of town and it’s a Sunday and gorgeous weather so everybody has headed out to the lakes or out of town. I brought a memory stick to make a copy of all my photos as I think drop box has deleted all the old ones and I only keeping the new ones as I went over my limit but no warning was given I am a bit pissed off with this so I am moving stuff to amazon cloud but this takes time as I have more than 8GB of photos so far so the stick is a temporary fall back option till I get everything on a cloud it would be bugger if I lost all my photos. I am not sure if I will keep up with Drop Box as once you have to start paying its not that cheap and I will look to see if I can share my stuff on Amazon Cloud once I get it on there. Anyone know if this possible? While we a talking geeky stuff was going to move my web site to blogger but I was having problems loading picture which had to be done via Picasa and there limits on how many pictures you can load and then I read that Google was going to shut down both blogger and Picasa and move it as part of the Google plus package so I had no idea what is happening there so its back to drawing board there. Not much to report today but I needed a shorter day in the saddle and plan another one tomorrow to Jasper I may have a rest up then

Strange Flowerpots


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