Hyder to Smithers, Saturday, 14 July 2012, Day 40

Wet day

Dry, Wet, Dry Wet, sort of dry nope-wet etc. That is how it went today I slept in till 10am today I am not sure if I am short of sleep but I am still feeling very fatigued. I packed the bike and headed up a dirt road to a bear-viewing place I had been to the last time I was here and it was heaving and I did see a bear however this time I was the only one there and they had not seen any bears yet this year so I did not hang around to long and headed back to Stewart for some breakfast in a nice bakery I knew from last time. And then it started to pour with rain and as I was only a couple of miles from breakfast  I decided to keep going and not bother with me waterproofs. However this decision did not take into consideration a 10 minute wait at some road works and an interrogation at the border while crossing back into Canada so I was soaking wet by the time I got to the café. It had not changed so had great little breakfast and a dry out then I eventually decide to hit the road as it was not raining so hard as I hit the road but for the rest of the day it was either pouring with rain so I got soaked to the skin and then would dry out again only to get wet all over again 30 minutes later so as I said at the beginning.Dry, Wet, Dry Wet, sort of dry nope-wet etc.

Meziadin Junction

Totem poles

New Hazelton

I had done this route before and it was wet then to so I was not very appreciative then and or now and I am just trying to eat as many km’s  as possible but I ran out of steam at the first petrol stop after doing 360km it was about 5pm and I had no energy to go any further and I had spotted a Tim Horton’s so after fuelling up the bike I went to the info center  asking about cheap accommodation this time the lad was none to bright as normally the folks in these places are really on the ball but this lad knew nothing about the town and pointed me to the brochures that is not what I wanted however another young lady there stepped in and I find myself in a Guest House which is a bit more than my usual budget but the cheapest in town and its very nice. I need to look after myself as I am such a tired little bear so a little posh every now again is just what the doctor ordered. I went to Safeway to buy my microwave dinner (save money this way) and I have been playing with the computer all night seemingly it looks like drop box has deleted all my old pictures which I was storing there as a back up as I reached my limit or something so I am now moving everything to Amazon Cloud instead this will take a while I am not sure about Drop Box anymore or maybe the stuff is out there but I cannot find it which is not much help. So folks who have got access to drop box can you tell me what you can see and  if it looks like all the early stuff has gone and all you see is the latest? Beddy byes I cannot think straight anymore


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