Boya Lake to Hyder, Friday, 13 July 2012, Day 39

This is the road I did today no wonder I am tired!

I am to tired to update this today so here is a map on the route I did today its quite a long way and distance me thinks!

Well I was not in the mood to update this yesterday I am starting to suffer seriously from fatigue I am generally feeling a bit knackered I have been going hard for nearly 40 days and it is starting to take it toll on me so I need to start slowing down and smelling the roses before I knacker myself completely but knowing me I will do a sham of a rest day and then I will hit the road harder than before.

Well another good night in the tent and was lying thinking maybe I should get up while it is still dry as I had a feeling it would rain and before I was just about to unzip myself from my cosy sleeping bag it started raining but fortunately only for a short while the downside of this was when I opened my inner tent I found that my outer tent was whipped with Mosquitoes who where sheltering from the rain millions of the buggers so made a dash to the loo and it was exactly the same there the bog was also filled with mosquitoes so trying to do my morning ablutions while fighting of millions of mosquitoes arrrrrrrrrh!  No showers as this was a provincial campsite why they do not have shower facilities is beyond me as there is plenty of water and would be more than happy with a cold one. I went back to the tent and the mosquitoes had also got into the inner tent part as well bugger so a very depressing decamp which was a shame as the campsite and the location was great. I hit the road expecting a breakfast place soon but it was 150KM to the nearest civilisation that had fuel and a café and on these roads that is about 2 hours but as I said the roads very narrow but scenery gorgeous compared with yesterday it felt more intimate than the roads yesterday as the mountains seem closer and as I whizzed past a couple bears on separate occasion I felt I could reach out and touch them. Imagined giving them a high five as I went by which is a bit silly as this would break my hand at the speeds I was doing and I am not that sure that bears do high fives!

Really in the groove finally reached some kind of civilisation at 1pm ish I queue for the petrol and after I filled up I got chatting to two police officers about all things motorcycles and I am not sure if they where interrogating me or just chatting with me as many a loaded question been thrown in every now again such as the state of my tyres when where they replaced etc. Good thing one of them was looking at my GPS holder and as he touched it the whole front screen moved. Seemingly the nuts holding this had worked loose and the reason I had not noticed this was with the weight of the GPS on it seemed and felt solid so his fiddling helped me out to notice this problem. So I first had some breakfast / lunch spaghetti and meatballs and then out with the toolkit and the Loctite for some maintenance to fix my front screen. I may have over tightened the bolts as I noticed a crack in the screen by two bolt holes bugger I am not sure this bike is going to be worth much by the time I get home (1 careful owner he only ever went to the shops and back on it please do not mention the fact that the shops where in Alaska!)

Alaska Yukon Highway

I hit the road again and was heading for Stewart the next bit of civilisation on this road and it was more than 4 hours away so much for short day. I got to the Stewart crossroads at 8pm after a great ride well into the zone it is another 70kms to Stewart where there was a nice hotel I knew or camping round the corner. Well quite an easy choice actually I was joined by a Belgium couple in a van who I had passed about 3 times today who stopped for a chat in Dutch and while we were chatting we got to talking about flies and mosquitoes which where again out and about in abundance I decide to press on into Stewart. (plus I was sure that all the mosquitoes I had packed this morning where probably not dead yet and they will be mighty pissed off with me when I opened the tent bag again so I will let them stew for a couple more days me thinks) No room at the Inn so tried another one but to expensive but the receptionist mentioned a place in Hyder called the Sealaska Inn and even called them for me to see if they had an affordable room wow now that is what I call service.

So headed over the border again into Alaska and I had a very simple room single bed a light and plug all for 40 bucks with a shared bog and shower why are there not more places like this as this is all I need at the end of the day I do not need all that hotel type of stuff. By the time I had a shower as I was a bit pongy as I had not had one today it was gone 9pm and it turned out that in this cool place no food is to be had after 8pm so it looks like I am going to bed a hungry as I could not be bothered to drive back to Stewart which would mean crossing a border to get my dinner. I went for a walk and I had a chat with a drunk who was also the local councillor member in Stewart as well as the lollipop man on the roads (man with the stop go sign) very entertaining than back to the room to veg.


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