Whitehorse to Boya Lake , Thursday, 12 July 2012, Day 38

Roadworks queue

For some reason I am totally wired it has been another long day and I am beginning to feel the miles I have been putting in. I am back under canvas in beautiful campsite next to a crystal clear Boya Lake.I was out of the Hostel at a reasonable time but had a major faff in Whitehorse first port of call Tim Horton’s but do you know it was not as good as in my imagination I had been missing it loads and when I get it it is very mediocre how strange is that? Then I went to big super market to get some deodorant and then filled up the bike with some fuel which I seem to be doing an awful lot of these days 3 times today I am paranoid that I am going run out in the middle of no where and I am also doing a lot of km’s.

I finally hit the road to Carcross where there was a Desert only a small one but desert never the less.


New Job!

After that a long drive to Watson Lake already done this road in the other direction but for some reason it was not giving me much of a buzz as I said before I am a bit tired today but it is strange how one day you see scenery and go wow that is the bees bollocks then the following day same scenery you go that’s nice, following day same scenery that’s Ok and there after you do not really notice it and it becomes very déjà vu very quickly. I must not let this happen to me. At 5pm stopped for some food, as I knew I was camping and wanted to ensure I was good till tomorrow morning and on the menu was something called pirogues or something like that with bacon an onion. I asked what it was and they explained to me that it was some doughy things filled with potatoes and cheese. I am still none the wiser but as I like all of the ingredients I decided to go for it and it came with a whole load of cottage cream as well and it was rather tasty. So with a full stomach I filled the bike for the last time today and headed for a campsite I had seen on the map at the top of Stewart Cassiar Highway but as usual map reading not my forte so it was another 100km to go and as I said I was already tired and was intentionally planning on a reasonable early stop today ho hum. However highway 37 totally different from the road I have been travelling on all day a lot thinner with loads of blind corners and blind crests so I had to wake up quickly and concentrate but the km’s flew by as the scenery had also changed and it was quite eerie in places as there been a fire and the wood was all bare except for a weird moss growing between the trees very interesting and welcome change that I needed. I eventually got to the campsite and set up tent and its has taken me nearly 2 hours to relax like I said was totally wired but relaxing slowly as there is not a sound to be heard except the odd squirrel and you guessed it them dam mosquitoes even though I covered my self in chemicals that seem to work intermit ally but better than without the chemicals I am going to crawl into me tent and start a new book the picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I am looking forward to both my new book and me bed in me tent.

Johnson Crossing

Boya Lake



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