Dawson City, Thursday, 5 July 2012, Day 31

Above Dawson City

Another pleasant day just a quick add on to last night at about 11.30pm I was doing some tinkering with the bike and also went for a short walk at it was still daylight which as I have said before it is a mind f**k but in a nice way.

A good night sleep and I was up at about 9.30.am Things here are a bit basic and if I wanted a hot wash then I would have to light a fire and wait for the water to warm up so I had a cold wash instead. The process was similar to the Indonesian showers with a bowl of water and pouring jug. The cold wash certainly woke me up.  I got the ferry into Dawson City and made my way to the tourist info place which was the place for Canada Parks events that are dotted all over town the first event I did was a tour of the Old Playhouse then some lunch and then a Robert Service Cabin tour with some of his readings I must Google this guy whenever I get back on line as I quite enjoyed his poetry and would like to read some more. He is very famous here and has roads and schools and places all named after him and I had never heard of him until someone mentioned to me about the Robert Service Campsite on Robert Service Road in Whitehorse both of the Services I thought meant service not Service as in the surname so I have learnt something today. The funny thing is he was born in the UK and yet still unfamiliar to me and he had made millions with his poetry and his books and this was unintentionally as he was a vagabond for a large part of his life. After that bit of culture I did the historical walking town of the tour so quite an enlightened day. I got the ferry back to the Hostel   and it started to rain again it had been going from beautiful sunshine to rain showers all day and this was also short lived. I then got the bike and went back on the ferry to get some fuel for tomorrows trip on the top of the world highway as there are no petrol stations until a place called Chicken in the USA which is 180km away and I was running on fumes already so with the bike filled up I headed to a lookout viewpoint place which had the most spectacular views over Dawson City and the Yukon and this was a great finale for my visit to Dawson City. I really enjoyed and like this place it was fascinating. Back on the ferry after grabbing something to eat in town and catching up on the blog even though I am unable to publish it. Destination Alaska via top of the world highway I hope the weather is good as it’s a dirt track but the views are supposed to be spectacular so I hope it lives up to it billing I am certainly looking forward to it. I also will have the cross the border into the US so I hope that goes well as well


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