Whitehorse to Dawson City, Wednesday, 4 July 2012, Day 30

Dawson City

It was a strange day and I was up and out quite early filled myself on Tim Horton’s for breakfast and thenI  filled the bike and I hit the road. It was quite cold so I stopped and put on my new sweater (Moreno wool supposed to be brilliant against the cold and does not get smelly very quickly which is a bonus the jury is still out on its capabilities and whether it will live up to all the hype) later it started raining so I pulled out the waterproofs that helped with the cold. I did quite a few km today but I do not remember much about the day it seemed to wiz by. The scenery was pleasant but stark and I passed a lot places that had been damaged by forest fires and for each they had a sign with the year on so you could see the different levels of rejuvenation.

5 Finger Gorge Yukon River

I finally I got to Dawson city and headed to a hostel I had read and heard about which was a ferry ride across the river from Dawson City with view over the Yukon to the City (strong word city more of a town or large village) No electricity water pumped from the river and heated by woodstoves but its cheap and cheerful and a great location. I got the ferry back to town to get some supper and the place has a nice vibe to it and looks like a film or museum or like an old town from the old cowboy films. I am going to enjoy wondering road this place tomorrow. I am only 100km short of Alaska and then I can commence the trip as per the title and tag line Alaska to Chile but that will have to wait for a while as I going to enjoy this place tomorrow then the day after I will be on the on top of the world highway into Alaska so close yet so far away and it is +-120 km of dirt track and I did some today where they where digging the road up single file behind a pilot truck which I struggled to keep up with in the dirt. I ended up loosing sight of the truck and was on the wrong side of the road following a huge road smoother which was leaving a berm of mud which I then had to cross. It is official Phill is a crap off road rider I do not have the confidence when it is muddy or deep gravel I can just about cope with harden dirt but that about it so it could be long drive ahead of me I must get more practise and maybe longer legs would be useful.

Dawson City my room at 11.30pm at night!!


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