Edmonton TLC for the bike, Thursday, 28 June 2012, Day 24

serious TLC for me bike

A very domestic day the first thing I did was get the bike to Alberta Cycle Edmonton that opened at 10am there was a bit of queue but the guy I had spoken to yesterday said I could be served first. Cool. They where not able to do a full service at such a short notice and in such a small timeframe but they where able to do a an oil change fix a the tube from my chain lubricator and put on 2 new tyres and it would all be ready by 4pm this afternoon so you cannot get much better than that and at reasonable prices as well which was a pleasant surprise. I got the bus back to the hostel which is always exciting in a strange town as you have no idea of the route and only a vague idea of where your stop is I missed my one by one so a bit of an extra walk for me. I did my washing and while I was doing this I was researching routes to Alaska and yet I still do not have a clue. After all my domestics I wandered back into town hot sunny day and a big hills to climb I found yet another festival but before I could get into this it was nearly 4pm so had to go and pick my bike up. The question that I need to double check is there anything vitally important needed doing for the bike at the 12,000km service interval the only thing that needs replacing are the spark plugs but I think I can live with doing that for a while but I need to a double check on the internet to check for certain.

I picked the bike up and headed back to the hostel for me tea tonight I nuked a lasagne and it is 7.30pm and I am debating whether or not to drag myself back to the free festival in town or veg in the hostel as I am still very cream crackered. I have got itchy feet so I will be hitting the road again tomorrow so this could be last chance to see Edmonton. Decisions decisions?

Big Thank you today for Mike at Alberta Cycles Edmonton for looking after my bike and me so well at such short notice it is much appreciated.

I ended up staying in and trying to get blogger (replacement for iWeb) to work with a dodgy Internet connection, which was a pain. It is a shame that I did not get to see more of Edmonton but I also need some down time so I cannot be out and about all of the time and it was good to have a night doing nothing much.



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