Winnipeg Lower Fort Garry, Sunday, 24 June 2012, Day 20

Lower Fort Garry

It looks like I have lost my ability to sleep in or maybe that is just due to living in a shared room environment only 3 of is in a 6 man dorm so you think it would be quite but the first bloke was up at 6am and I final got up at around 8am ish even though I am still tired. Sunny day again and the plan is to go to Canada parks Lower Fort Garry one of the national historical sites here in Canada about 30km from Winnipeg.I spent a good couple of hours in there as I love these kind of places interactive historic places I can tootle around them for ages and this one was especially good.

Lower Fort Garry

I headed back into Winnipeg with the intention of grabbing a few art galleries which I thought were free but they turned out not to be so I wandered round a department store and watched England loose to Italy in the penalty shootout on the television in the electrical department so England true to form I am glad I have not been following the football this time as it is not so big over here. I went back to the hostel for a little lie down which was nice as I had the place to myself and then I cooked myself some dinner Thai Chicken and prawns (I say cooked nuked (microwaved)) and I am mucking around with the computer debating on whether or not to go see if I can find another festival or just chill out here. Back on the bike tomorrow.


I ended up going back at the electronic music festival which was still going strong great just to chill and watch the folks it looks like hula hoops are all the range again as that is what the in accessory is to have along with flashing lights cool 🙂 at this festival

Winnipeg Sculpture


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