Ottawa to Temagami, Tuesday, 19 June 2012, Day 15

nice sunset

Hot day in the saddle it reached 31 degrees centigrade at one stage sweaty hot. Plan was to try and do some serious km today but as usual I did not hit the road till 10.30am after my free breakfast at the hostel, I had not sleep much as it had been very hot and sweaty in the room as well. I spent all day driving until about 17.30pm when I eventually ran out of steam so I grabbed some food and went to look for a campsite I had seen on the free map I got from the info desk in North bay. In answer to yesterday question on which route to take I have decided to take the 11 not the 17 to Thunder Bay as it is 1.5 hrs. Shorter! And is more scenic. The roads have been pretty boring for most of the day with the odd glimpse of interesting scenery every now and again this does not bode to well if it is going to be like this for the next x thousand clicks.

When I got to the campsite it was closed or so it seemed. I talked to some folks and they told me just to set up camp and sort it out the morning so it a huge campsite with only about 3 other groups on it. Seemingly the season here does not start till the 1st of July so I seem to be well ahead of the season here as well. Sitting on a bench outside typing this fighting of the fly’s and the mossies so I am wrapped in my inner sheet which has allegedly been treated with DEAT so I hope that will keep them bastards away. Someone from Ontario Parks popped round and informed me that camping was 37 CAD a night jeepers  I could have got a hotel for that I thought camping was supposed to be the cheap option! He told me that Ontario was one of the most expensive provinces in Canada I am going to have to check prices before setting up camp, as I was not expecting it to be this expensive. Going to watch the sunset over lake Temagami and probably have an early night and see if I can hit the road at reasonable time and gets some km under my belt

Temagami Under Canvas


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