Montreal to Ottawa, Monday, 18 June 2012, Day 14

I loved this monument in Ottowa

Its a hot short day ride today from Montreal to Ottawa not very interesting run only 200km arrived at about 3 pm at a hostel, which used to be a prison very interesting place. Got out of me bike gear as I was sweating a bit and headed out to discover Ottawa. At first I was not to impressed as I have been spoiled with Quebec City and Montreal but the more I looked the more I found some great little parts in this town as well. I had a real cultural day and went the Canadian Parliament where there were free guided tours and today both lower house and the senate where in session and was allowed in the public gallery for both which was great not just from a building perspective but to watch democracy work from close quarters which was very enjoyable especially as they went from English to French all in one debate which made it more intriguing. Beautiful building and views not sure we have this kind of access to government in the UK and or NL or maybe as a local I have never tried but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.


After the culture I went to the main shopping mall as this is where you can normally find the cheapest nicest Asian food in the Mall food courts and I pigged out on a lekker Chinese. My jeans had ripped open round the crouch and this was getting embarrassing every time I sat down as my crown jewels where on full display great for me in this heat but I am not sure Canada is ready for them just yet so I went to get some new jeans. The reason the other ones split methinks is all them Tim Horton’s I have been eating and I have finally have to admit I can no longer fit in a 34 inch waist so I had to buy a bigger size so it seem I grown 2 inches in the waist and shrunk an inch in height old age can be such a bitch. Other bad news today was that I found out that Apple are introducing a new OS Operating system which is quicker better cooler faster etc. than the old one however the downside is that it will not support I Web and guess what this blog is on! So need to find a new platform to keep you lot informed with what I am up to. So a new mini project as I go off the radar into the middle of Canada I have no idea which way to go yet but that is half the fun!

Ottawa by night

Scary things come out!


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