About the Team

 Hi my name is Phillip Dean Beckwith and welcome to my blog. So what is it all about well in short I will be keeping a blog of my trip where I am attempting to ride my motorcycle from Alaska to Argentina so that is from the top of North America to the bottom of South America and just to show how good my planning is I originally thought that Chile was at the bottom hence the tag line Alaska to Chile or is that Argentina.

  I have been mad about motorcycles for as long as I can remember and used to be a crap amateur racer until I had to hang up my leathers after one crash to many and I always wanted to do the Pan American so after being made redundant after working for Shell for 14 years I decided it was time to realise my ambition of riding from the top of the Americas to the bottom adding in a couple of zigzags mainly due to my bad ability at planing and the fact that I am easily distracted and I am trying to see as much as possible while I am in the area and this is adding loads of extra miles so this trip could take longer than anticipated.

  • Rider: Phillip Dean Beckwith
  • Age: 48
  • Birthday: May 8th

So that’s is me. Accompanying me on this epic adventure is my trusty companion a Suzuki DL650A V-Strom Also Known As DAISY

I had to think about which bike I should choose for this journey so would it be my BMW F800S that I had been running for the last couple of years which had served me well over some great touring holidays around Europe however all though it ticked a lot of the boxes I never liked the engine it had no soul and I also thought I would need something that could handle some of the rougher roads I was expecting on a journey like this, so when Suzuki introduced the new V-Strom I thought this could be the bike for the job. I used to have  an SV650 many years ago which was unfortunately stolen from the front of my house after 6 months of ownership and I loved the engine. I had also rented an old model V-Strom for a great 3 week tour of British Columbia in 2008 and it really impressed me so when I saw an ex demo 2012 model for sale at my local dealer in November 2011 a deal was struck and I had my new companion for the trip.


So I had the bike not the best time of the year to buy a bike but ideal time to get some prep work done for the trip. So the most important thing that needed to be done was that for the last 25 years the majority of my motorcycle have been yellow so took the bike down to an ex racer mate of mine who has started up his own bike shop http://www.bikeservicesvandijk.eu  and he did the following prep work;


  • The Bike: DL650A V-Strom 2012 model
  • Sprayed Yellow
  • SW MOTECH TRAX Luggage system
  • OSCO Chain Oiler
  • SW MOTECH Garmin GPS Holder
  • Full Service
  • Jiffy foot spreader
  • Sump Protector



This blog used to be run on iWeb platform at the following address http://dean10.home.xs4all.nl/Phillys_Bike_Trip/Home.html

The pros of this was that you could do a bit more customising with iWeb or perhaps it just because I am new to WordPress and still need to a lot of figuring out and practise, The cons are that Apple have dropped iWeb like a hot potato and dropped interactive ability of iWeb more than a year ago and as far as I am aware it is no longer a supported application so time to move to a platform that does support direct feedback on the blog so I am hoping that this blog changes from a single direction tool where I felt I was talking to myself much of the time and one of the criticism or feedback I received on the old blog was that many of you wanted to comment on my post and pictures but where unable to do so. This issue I hope has been addressed with this blog.

One thing that I will doing less of on this blog will be posting pictures with comments but do not fear  I will be posting all my pictures on SmugMug so all you need to do is click on the SmugMug Icon at the top right of every page and you will have more pictures of this trip than you ever bargained for and feedback and like buttons in abundance so do not be shy and use them.

I do hope you like my new blog please let me know your thoughts and any suggestion for improvements as you can see these ideas are taken on board and if it’s within my computing capabilities are acted on.

1 thought on “About the Team

  1. Sjoerd Bakker

    Hi Phil,,This is Sjoerd Bakker , the Dutch fellow you spoke with up in the grandstands at ther Iny Moto GP this past summer. Hoe gaat het met je, alles geregeld met je voormalige werkgevers ?
    I have been following your blog and find it quite entertainining .For a while I was puzzled by the frequent comments of how uncomfortable you were in the hot weather. in northern Ontario and in parts of the USA. Then looking at some of your photos it sort of dawned on me why you might be uncomfortable . Please, tell me you were not riding through these regions in summmer wearing the full black leather suit as shown in the pictures . !
    Een vol lederen motorpak is mischien wel een aanrader in het kille klimaat van NW Europa en biedt ook volle bescherming in geval van een schuiver op de snelweg . Maar toch , het is wel overdadig warm als het lekker zomerweer wordt., nietwaar ?
    You probably noticed if you have ever travelled through the south of France and in Spain during July that the patrolling gendarmes on their BMWs ride in short sleeves while the Deutche Motorrad Polizei sit in full lethers most of the time. Even California the CHIPS ride in short sleeved shirts.
    Now I am not suggesting you ride in short sleeves ,swimtrunks and floppy sandals as you have no doubt seen in the USA but do consider trying some more light,air admitting riding clothes for who were totally inappropriately dressed for the tropics and were obviously very uncomfortable . If you can’t find suitable stuff in Nederland or the UK there is always the US market which has lots odf options. I visited this chain of stpores in the USA
    http://www.cyclegear.com and they have all kinds of reasonably priced clothing for warm and cold weather.Check out their website and you’ll see stores in many big cities .
    Thetrick is to have layers and clothing which is versatile for many different climate conditions. Full leathers are not the ticket. for the tropics.Beem ther many times.
    Cheers ,


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