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Amarillo to Elk City, Tuesday, 14 August 2012, Day 71

Only in Texas

Todays highlight was a huge cross in a place called Groom. Well I am in Texas so I guess they had to have the biggest one! I have no idea why it’s there as I am in the middle of nowhere there where a whole load of other religious sculptures at the place to all in all very strange. It was the signage that amused me the most which said “Keep off not responsible for accidents” We know that allegedly it is the fella who’s sculpture you trying to keep folk of who is responsible for the accidents or am I missing something 🙂 Made me giggle.

Bloody Big Cross

Slow hot day I did not get out of Amarillo till after 12am as I needed to find a Suzuki dealer to replace the bolt that was missing that held me petrol tank in place. No problems easy fix but it took time to find the place and get the right bolt and you do not move to fast in this kind of heat.

Afterwards I had breakfast at a Donut place and I got chatting to an ex retired air force guy who had been stationed in the UK. It was cool in the Café and I was reluctant and get out into the heat outside and they had donuts. So I finally got going trying to track the elusive 66, which kept appearing then disappearing. Just grinding out the miles trying to find something interesting to see but not being that successful a all as all I got today was a bloody huge cross.

Route 66 Texas

The heat sucks the life out of you and it has been very windy for the last couple of days so it is like riding with someone pointing a huge hairdryer at you yes even the winds are a hot ones. So at about 5.30pm I started to look for a Motel. The first one that looked affordable was an Ex Motel 6 well I thought it was but the owner a nice catholic Indian chap  (Not sure why his religion is relevant but he wanted to be sure that I knew and there where pictures of the last supper in the reception and lots of useful quotations from the good book all over the place) he claimed it was a Motel 6 but I am not sure as the signage was decrepit and all Motel 6 logos been eliminated so it may had been in the past but I doubt if it is now. Good thing about Indian Motel owners is that they are always ready to haggle. It did not go so well but I managed to get a reduced rate but as it was just starting to rain outside I think he had me over a barrel as I was hot sweaty and tired and I did not fancy getting an external warm shower. As usual motel on the outskirts of town next to the freeway but fortunately there was a nice little Italian restaurant just across the road so spaghetti sausage and meatballs for dinner and back to the motel room for the rest of the evening who said travelling was glamorous and exciting?

Elk City to Claremore, Wednesday, 15 August 2012, Day 72

Yet another Route 66 Petrol Station!

As you can probably tell I am not to impressed with this part of the journey but I had very little option but to grind it out in the hope that it will get more interesting soon. I had a pleasant day Route 66 was more present in the State of Oklahoma so this got me of the freeway, which was a nice change.

I must confess I am no longer a speed freak and on the Freeways you are allowed to go 75 mph but that is a tad fast for my liking the bike could do that all day long the rider however prefers the more leisurely pace of the back roads where he is not being humiliated and passed by 20 wheel trucks as he tootles along in the slow lane. It is official I most be getting old as I am no longer in hurry to be the fastest thing on the road and considering the miles I am putting in I would be even more tired than I am now. Again on me own in a tatty old motel room so I finally got all my routes downloaded from my Garmin GPS onto my computer as there is no Internet and the goggle box here is crap.

Bugger it was Closed!

So here are some Stats;

I have done about 23,690km in 72 days so that is about 330km a day. The most I travelled in one day is 764km from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg. I have spent about USD 1, 250 on fuel and about USD 2,200 on Accommodation and god knows how much on Cinnamon Rolls. I know but I am not telling. So a pleasant enough day at the office not mind-blowing or much to write about but pleasant. I have got some ideas on how to liven things up bit but a tad more research is needed so watch this space.