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Iquique to Antofagasta, Monday, 14 January 2013, Day 195

Eerie but Beautiful Cemetery one yellow grave!

Oops I have let this slip again so what happened today I had better check the photos. Well in short quite a quite day again in the desert but in the hilly part. The highlight if you can call a cemetery a highlight was I have given it away already was an old cemetery between the hills (keep calling them hills they are pretty huge so guess they may be mountains) and the beach. It looked like it had been abandoned and obviously the folks buried there were not that rich as no stone gravestones but all weather worn wooden ones. It was really eerie as well as being beautiful and sad all the same time.


I spent some time just wandering around trying to be respectful but I was also enjoying this place very much so mixed emotions. I kept getting flash backs of the good the bad and the ugly or was it for a few dollars more by Sergio Leone a spaghetti westerns where they are all at the old graveyard looking for the buried money with my favourite soundtrack by Ennio Morricone which was buzzing in my head for most of the day. The saddest part was the children toys on the kid’s graves this always get to me.

kiddies grave sad 😦

Quite a long day but not much to report I hit Antofagasta as planned problem again was trying to find somewhere to stay. I tried a couple of hostels they were all full then I went down the coast a bit to try some campsites first one closed due landslide risks, second one no water but still wanted to charge full price third one private for students from the University only. Bugger back to town tried another hotel on the beach who directed me to another one in town as it was full who also then directed me to another one as they where full as well so not looking good when I stopped next to 2 German bikers and asked them where they where going and they said to a hostel so I followed them and it turned out there was room at this place and safe parking so I am sharing a room with Markus and Patrick (www.gstour.eu) from Germany as I had followed them there I decided to move in with them as well 🙂

It was late so I needed food and also needed Chilean adaptor for my electrical equipment and it was a bit of a repeat of the accommodation problem I just described above with me being sent from one electrical shop to another as they did not have European to Chile plug adaptors or they all did but they where 3 prong plugs and as yet I have not seen a 3 prong socket in Chile so not much use. I finally got a US/Latin America plug to Chile Plug adaptor so I will use European to US to Chile adaptors so 2 adaptors I hope I do not end up burning somewhere down 🙂

Mission accomplished including feeding myself so back to the room chatting to Markus picking his brains on the route they had taken from the south this saves me figuring it all out 🙂

Antofagasta Art

It has been a long hard day beddy byes the room smells like a navy’s armpit but I am to tired to care 3 sets of smelly motorcycle boots have been ceremoniously placed in the hall but this does not help with the pongs in the room this evening,