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Robbinsville to Atlanta, Sunday, 2 September 2012, Day 90

Bikers Nirvana

Todays the bikers Holy Grail I am going to do the tail of the Dragon

So that is a bit of road that is 11 miles long and has 318 curves crammed into that distance so bring it on.


I left Iron horse with the intention of getting some breakfast before doing the above route but after a pleasant ride to get to the start I pulled up in the meeting spot at Deals Gap and said bollocks I am going for it and so I did.

Jeepers talk about hard work corner after corner some banked some very tight. There is a speed limit of 30mph on the road but at certain points you cannot even get close to that, as the road is so tight and twisty. Having fun slower cars pulling over to let you through and sometimes you wish they did not as they helped in keeping your speed down and they stop you getting to carried away then I hit more traffic that would not pull over and wished they would pull over and let the faster traffic through so you can say I am never happy. And there where photographers on a couple of the bends which you would try and pose for but all this does is put you out of your rhythm so instead of looking cool you look like a bit of prick. But off course I am going to order some of these prints


So I get to the end of the road going a bit slower as the bikers coming the other way are giving me the universal tap on the helmet sign meaning slow down coppers down the road as the road was being patrolled by 3 cop cars and cop bike that I saw to keep the idiots in check. So a quick rest then I do a U turn (legal one this time) find a gap in the traffic and go for it. Arms are doing overtime with the continued change of direction hard on the brakes then back hard on the throttle using the engine and the gears and trying to pick the perfect lines. The trick is to be as smooth as silk. Meanwhile in the real world I was probably lurching all over the road (my part of the road) either overcooking it or under cooking each bend in the wrong gear and looking like a right twat but I did not give a fig as in my head I was Valentino Rossi. A lot faster run on the way back concentration ruined and knickers soiled this time by prats coming in the opposite direction on my side of the road as they where using both lanes because either they had no clue what danger and risks they where adding to all concerned or where out of control going to fast or just selfish twats and they really pissed me off as I am okay in hurting myself through my own incompetence but not by someone else’s.

Got back to Deals Gap the place where everyone congregated and it was already 12am and I still had not got round to breakfast so grabbed a pulled pork sandwich (local delicacy) and a coffee and took a look at the Tree of Shame which had all the debris hanging of it from the the many crashes that happen on this fun but treacherous piece of road.

Tree of Shame

After a quick breakfast/lunch I was still pumped full of adrenaline I was keen to get back on the road this time the Cherohala Highway another road similar to the Blue Ridge and the Skyline Parkway which also had a 45mph speed limit but todays it was more difficult to adhere to this as I was all pumped up and all I wanted to do was race.

Cherohala Skyway



Managed to contain myself and completed the route in one piece 🙂 and then I put my head down as I wanted to be in Atlanta that evening.

Its not all sunshine!

I was heading for a Hostel, which I sort of already knew, had no place but then again you never know. I got there and rang on the bell and yes there where no places. Bugger hot and tired after a seriously physical day in the saddle did he perhaps know of any other places nope but he would ask Suzie. Suzie heard my accent and suddenly there was a spot as she was also a Brit from South Kensington and it got better as the room had no AC she would do me deal and then she changed her mind and she found a bed in a room with AC but I could have it at the special rate. Result next issue in large cities is the parking no problem I could park round the side even though it said no hostel guest but it belonged to the place so not only did I have a bed in a full hostel and a safe place for the bike the piece de resistance was that WIFI was normally 5 bucks a night I could have for free. Cor Blimey guv never has my accent been as useful as it was tonight and thank you Suzie at the Woodruff B&B Atlanta International Hostel for treating me like a prince much appreciated and great end to a pretty excellent day.

It just got better just round the corner was a decent supermarket so a chicken tika masala for me tea to crown a good day. Its days like this that make me get why I am out here on the road as at times I do sometimes wonder why I am doing this.

Atlanta, Monday, 3 September 2012, Day 91


Oops I am nearly a week behind with this naughty boy I must have been a very busy boy. Hot night last night the AC was sort of working however there was a window open that could not be shut! , So in the end the AC is a complete waste of time. Bit of a slow day I cannot say that I was too impressed with Atlanta. The reason why I was here was that I liked the sound of it and I had an image in my head from the Gone with the Wind film that I have seen nearly a million times (not really).

Today was Labour Day and in town was Dragon-con an event similar to Comic-con so the town was full a geeks and nerds all dressed up in silly costumes. Which was entertaining as there where so many of them that they where the norm and I probably looked like the geek and nerd as I did not have a comic figure costume on. (Geeks and nerds in a positive sense not negative I am probably could be classified as a geek or a nerd when it comes to motorcycling I guess these folks feel the same about their comics dragons and wizard so vive le difference is what I say)  Interspersed amongst the geeks and nerds occasionally was a seriously hot babe dressed up in some sexy outfits so from a people watching perspective highly entertaining but the town itself was nothing special. The first thing I did was wander around the lobbies of the Dragon-con trying to see if I could blag my way in as it was the last day I did not manage this till much later in the day when I went back and I walked straight into one of the locations feeling very proud of myself thinking I done something very clever I found out later that they stopped checking tickets at 3pm so could have got in a lot earlier and I was not as cool as I thought I was. They where charging 30 bucks for a ticket today and as I was not that interested only curious I was not going to shell out that kind of money and as you probably have guessed from reading this blog the real reason is I am just a tight arse bastard and I am always looking for freebies!

Atlanta is home of CNN so I had a quick look there but they where also charging for tours so I decided to head to the Coke Cola exhibition as Atlanta is also the home of Coke and I thought I can treat myself to one tour today it would be the Coke Tour. I used to be a Diet Coke addict for years I used to drink about a 1.5 liters a day 7 days a week for about 10 years so thought I would go back to the source of my addiction. I had heard things about the Coke exhibition so I was expecting a lot more so let say it was also a bit of a disappointment nothing spectacular. Maybe I need to adjust my expectations or lower them a bit to avoid this disappointment but that is easier said than done and its these place fault as they are the ones hyping themselves up into something they are not so maybe they should do something about that. So the Coke tour ended up with in a room with loads of drink fountains with about 60 Coke drink products which you can sample so it was like being a kid being let loose in a sweet shop or a scene from Charlie and the chocolate factory I must say this was probably my favourite bit as an ex addict probably not my wisest move but enjoyable none the less burp. My favourite was a vanilla flavour and soda melt tasting one did like one called Beverly bigger Burp.


“Me To”


I wondered around Atlanta a bit more and as mentioned I went back to Dragon-con and then back to the Hostel and I just spent the evening hanging there ended up talking to some of the folks who were there for Dragon-con so trying to get a better understanding what it’s all about as from the bit I saw it was just a place selling load of merchandise so I am still not sure what it all about. One of the folks I was chatting to was worked in a Zoo looking after penguins, which for me was very fascinating and interesting.

Atlanta to Nashville, Tuesday, 4 September 2012, Day 92

Lynchburg Jack Daniels Factory

I found out last night that Atlanta was not only the birthplace of coke but also of Martin Luther King and that there was a state park and a memorial in town so I have a feeling that I should have done this yesterday (I should really do more research god knows what other things I may have missed in the last 4 months :-)) so this was my first port of call this morning. I need to add the chap who told me about it was also mugged by a large dark fella and relieved of his camera.

So with some trepidation I made my way to the rough side of town fortunately it was early and not too many folk around but when I got there it did not seem the safest place to leave a fully loaded motorcycle with all my current worldly possession on it so took a photograph from the outside punched in Supriya address into the GPS and started of towards Nashville.

Pretty dull day weather dull and overcast scenery nothing special so I was a bit bored when I saw a sign to the Jack Daniels Distillery so change of plan quick detour there. Just as I started to head for this new destination the heavens opened and it was pissing down I was only a couple of miles away from Jack Daniels so I decided to push on as these rain storms end as quick as they start so when I arrived it had stopped raining but I was sopping wet. There was a tour starting as I walked in so rushed onto that as it was free! Rammed my wet gear in a locker and spent the next hour or so being shown around the distillery. Very interesting strangest fact is that Lynchburg where the distillery is located is in a dry county so they are not allowed to sell their own product there and we could not sample the goods either because of this all they could offer us was a lemonade (Good for me as I am still on the wagon so that is a month since I have had a drink and I promised myself a beer when I get to Houston with John R to celebrate the successful completion of the first part of my trip!)


I pulled my wet gear out of the locker and headed for Nashville drying myself as I went along roads and scenery more pleasant than earlier that day and I finally pulled into Supriya driveway at I am not sure at what time as I had lost or gained an hour between Georgia and Tennessee. I had not seen Supriya since I was about 16 so that more than 30 years ago fortunately she had not changed so I was able to recognise her :-). Met the family so that was Neal, Rajiv, Maja and the 2 dogs Max and Riley. Straight to dinner table so guessing my timing was out as usual and a pleasant evening getting to know the Patel family 🙂


Whizzed through Alabama on my way to Tennessee